11 Soca 2018 Hits To Add to your Gym Playlist

To help you get pumped for the season and shed those extra Christmas pounds, we’ve listed eleven Soca 2018 hits of varying paces to add to your playlist.

Sokah – Nailah Blackman

Musical families are plentiful in Trinidad and Tobago. At the top of that list is the Blackman family, with Ras Shorty-I (Garfield Blackman) being popularly accredited as the Father of Soca music. The genre of music was created in the 1970s by fusing the calypso beat with East Indian rhythms. He incorporated instruments such as the tabla, dhantal, and the dholak, making a blend of the two predominant ethnicities in Trinidad and Tobago. The Blackman family continued to make their musical presence felt throughout the years.

Nailah Blackman, granddaughter of Ras Shorty-I and daughter of Abbi Blackman, a calypsonian, broke out on the airwaves in 2017 with ‘Workout,’ and now she is making waves with her music locally, regionally, and internationally. Sokah includes the likes of steelpan legend Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and world-class  Trinidadian musician Mungal Patasar.

If you can listen to Sokah without dancing, then you’re in the minority.

Year for Love – Voice

Voice is an artist that’s dear to the hearts of many in Trinidad and Tobago as his lyrics transcend most Soca songs. He does not let us down this year, with his anthem proclaiming 2018 as a year for love, urging citizens to put down the weapons and use love to bring an end to crime in the country. This is a must-have on your playlist as you push toward a positive mindset in the face of difficulties. Click here to listen.

Somebody – Destra Garcia

Most people agree that Carnival is all about the women. In this song, Destra channels her 20-year old self to show the truth in this theory. Trinidad and Tobago is known to have some of the most beautiful women in the world, and they know it. In true Destra fashion, Somebody highlights the belief that Carnival is all about having fun and enjoying yourself and your freedom. It doesn’t matter who you’re wining on, once you’re having the time of your life. As locals say, who vex loss.

City of Angels – Sekon Sta and The Soca Squad Band ft. Preedy

This tune is sure to make you push extra hard in spin class. Put your hands in the sky and just feel nice. A true tribute to the spirit of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, City of Angels embraces our culture and goes as far as showcasing some traditional aspects of mas and limbo dancing as young people enjoy their youth. The future of Soca is in good hands.

Take It Slow – Machel Montano

Machel Montano, popularly known as the king of Soca music, having won multiple International Soca Monarch titles, has a message to share with young women in Trinidad and Tobago. We love Take It Slow! It encourages women to be strong and endure the hardships of life while staying true to themselves. Stepping away from the wine and grind lyrics that Soca is known for, this song’s uplifting concept is sure to make a lot of people put it on replay even beyond the Carnival season. Click here to listen.

Doh Play Dat – Machel Montano

Vibes cyah (can’t) done. That. Is. All.  Click here to listen.

Baila Mami – Nailah Blackman

Although released just after Carnival 2017, we are so in love with Nailah’s music and in full support of what she has to bring to the table, that we’re giving her another place on this list. Baila Mami is the tune that will make you feel like you can do anything while you’re maxing out your gains on that elliptical machine. Trust me, calories will be burned and pounds will be shed.

Hello – Kes The Band

The African melody of Hello is bound to make you move. Kes The Band continues to show the versatility of the band and Soca music with this song. All we can say is listen and enjoy the rhythm and beautiful instruments. Click here to listen.

Sweet Fuh Days – Patrice Roberts

Patrice has really made a name for herself! As she sang in her 2017 hit, she’s a big girl now.  Here we see cameos by more local legends, Super Blue and Roy Cape, giving Patrice some tidbits of information and taking a look at performances from stars like Denise Plummer and Black Stalin to help her blossom into a Soca queen. Sweet Fuh Days is already a contender on the road!

Full Of Vibe – Voice and Marge Blackman

The Blackman family and Voice appears twice on this list. Enter – Full Of Vibe – a sweet lover’s tune to put you in the mood for love and finding love on the road. It happens! This may be your year. Click here for vibes.

Splinters – Shal Marshal

It’s like Machel and Angela said in 2015 hit – Party Done – when Trini gyal (girls) wine up dey(their) waist dey(they) hold up de(the) place. We may be used to the stamina Trinbagonians have when it comes to partying and liming, but it really stands out when you’re with your foreign friends. Splinters echoes the pure energy of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. No worries, no problems, it’s a nod to the freedom associated with Soca and with Carnival.

Go ahead and add these songs to your playlist, whether it’s for the gym or just for enjoyment. You will find yourself dancing in supermarket aisles, failing to recognise you’re in traffic, and feeling a love for being alive.



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