We are supposed to have this well-rounded tummy and glowing skin as we drink sparkling water and vegetables for nine months solely for this beautiful bundle of ours that we’ve never met but already love to the moon and back. Everyone is super-eager to share their amazing advice and opinions on what you should eat, wear, drink and all the links to the safest baby gear. They somehow neglect to mention all the gory details that accompany this process.

Here are some honest truths about my pregnancy from my first trimester to the labor room:

All day sickness

I was rocked in my first trimester with raging nausea that lasted for most of my day. It was not fun at all. I would eat toast and eggs at breakfast one day and not vomit and be absolutely sure that it would stay down the following morning only to realize that my body and the baby are no longer pleased with my choice of food. I was terrified to eat as nothing seemed to stay in my stomach for very long.

I was also unable to consume foods I once did before pregnancy. Orange juice was one such drink and even now I seldom can some six years after giving birth. I had to also refrain from using any product that had a scent to avoid the constant sick feeling that followed. A trip to the drug store was required to get all new scent free products. The confusion of not knowing how my body would react to the foods I ate and the things I smelt drove me crazy. Thankfully this only lasted for my first trimester.

Inability to do routine tasks

Can you imagine being limited to not only wearing dresses and elastic waist pants because you cannot comfortably fit into your old clothes as you are now twenty five pounds heavier? Well not only was this my new reality but I was also forced to take bathroom breaks at least every half hour. This is all well and good when there are bathrooms available for use, but what about when you are commuting. I was forced to stop, use a bathroom at random locations. Most people know our plight and my frequent restroom visits though very annoying could have been worse.

I did discover in my last trimester that I could not even put on my shoes myself without fighting to see over my growing baby bump. I had to resort to either letting someone help me put on my shoe or wearing slip on shoes that required little to no adjusting.

Body Changes

One of the most notable changes to the body is the ever growing baby bump. However there are other changes that I experienced. I was blessed to have an ample bosom and found that my bra size grew significantly during the period as well. I even had to purchase new undergarments to facilitate these changes.  Luckily for me they returned to their pre-pregnancy size.

Another gruesome discovery of mine was that of hemorrhoids. I did not even know that these things existed till that faithful day!!! After researching frantically I realized that the pressure from the growing baby on my uterus or my bouts of constipation may have attributed to my mildly uncomfortable hemorrhoids.

Finally, post pregnancy I was also faced with what could only be described as a receding hairline. Pregnancy and breast feeding takes such a toll on your body. I was eating for two while she was in my tummy and even after I had to make sure that my body was sufficiently stocked with enough vitamins and minerals for us both. My hairdresser and I made sure to use tons of vitamin E oil in my hairline and that worked to restore my hair.

Maybe there is an unwritten rule that this information is not to be conveyed as to deter women from procreating. Who knows? For me though, these experiences were all worth it (as cliché as it sounds) when I held my bouncing baby girl in my arms for the very first time.

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