3 Trending Comedians on the Social Media Scene

For most of us, social media is the place we go to when it comes to sourcing news, connecting with others and having a good laugh. Speaking of a good laugh, appreciation goes out to comedians who have made social media more fun, exciting and entertaining. With their content, creativity, and sense of humour, most of these comedians have carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry, giving us a reason to follow their content. Since the late 2010s, comedy on social media has continued to rise every day, with each one trying to establish themselves and grow their fanbase. Check out these 3 comedians that are currently trending on social media:

Tommy Joseph

Veteran comedian, Tommy Joseph, one of the Caribbean’s foremost comedians, was born in Plymouth, Tobago. He made his debut at the Raymond Reid Basketball Court in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Since then, he has come a long way, with over 100K+ views on most of his videos on YouTube. Many people go to the Calypso tents just to see him perform. His entertainment is distinguished by unusual and comical characterizations.

Kenneth Supersad

Kenneth Supersad is a well-known Trinidadian comedian and chutney soca singer. He combines these two skills into hilarious songs where he artfully substitutes music lyrics for another word with a similar phonic sound. His songs first bring a smile to your face, which quickly transforms into laughter before the first chorus ends. With over 2.1K followers on Facebook, Kenneth Supersad is someone to watch if you need to get some laughs.

Jules Entertainment

New to the scene when compared to the veteran performers above, and with over 4.1K Facebook followers and 2.43K subscribers on YouTube, Jules is one of the funniest, new social media comedians available. What he does with his skits just to get his audience entertained is on another level. He takes on different characters to portray different scenarios at the same time. On his Facebook bio, he describes himself as a Trinidadian VFX Enthusiast and video creator, and we must say he’s good at what he does. You can check out some of his videos on his Facebook page. There’s a lot that goes into creating content for social media as a comedian, such as, coming up with content ideas, getting costumes, shooting and editing, just to name a few. So next time when you watch these guys, remember that they’ve done a lot just to put a smile on your face.



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