7 Resolutions every Trinbagonian Should Make in 2019

It’s a New Year and most of us have made a list of all the things we want to achieve in 2019 or bad habits we intend to leave behind.

Though everyone’s list will be different, there are a few things in particular that we believe Trinbagonians should definitely change for the better in 2019.

Disobeying the speed limit

The new speed limit in Trinidad and Tobago is 100 kmph. Please observe the road safety regulations for the year 2019. It may save a life, it may save your life.


Keeping a clean scene

Part of appreciating what we have locally is taking care of our surroundings. Trinbago continues to display its natural beauty in its flora and fauna season to season. Mangoes continue to ripen, Poui trees continue to bloom, and Leatherback Turtles continue to nest every year. Likewise, citizens continue to litter our beaches and hiking trails, deface historical sites and dump non-recyclables in our drains. Failure to reduce our waste generation and engaging in recycling propagates flooding and destroys our environment.  Beautifying our environment is not only great for our tourism industry, but it is also healthy for us and economically friendly. In 2019, let’s enhance these beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Make use of the Environmental Management Agency’s iCARE Public Collection Sites around the country. The list of location sites is available here.


Do not drink and drive!

When you are behind the wheel, your attention needs to be on the road. You should not be texting, sleeping, eating, or drinking. You’re looking forward to the free drinks at the all-inclusive fetes for the Carnival season, but designate a driver, drive safely, and Arrive Alive. Let’s leave those distracting habits in the past and let’s place each other’s lives at the forefront.

Calling in Sick on Ash Wednesday

Let’s face it guys, this isn’t a good look. The chances that your boss or co-workers have spotted you covered in beads, mud,  glitter, or an assortment of all on Carnival Monday and Tuesday are tremendously high. If you have plans to be a part of the Greatest Show On Earth this year, arrange your casual/vacation days beforehand to avoid that awkward transparent phone conversation on Ash Wednesday that basically warrants a severe ‘cut-eye’ from your boss on your next day of work.

Rise above the ‘Trini o’clock’ mentality

Trini time is basically an excuse for many Trinbagonians to disregard the idea of punctuality. We’re not sure how this became a thing, but it’s a trait that prevents productivity and undermines everyone else’s schedule. For the year 2019, instead of organising an event for 2pm and starting at 4pm try starting at 2pm. It’ll make for more time to party.

Support Local

It came as somewhat of a shock to citizens of T&T when the country’s 1% pronounced themselves as the elites of the nation. This erupted in a slew of outraged proclamations to boycott foreign trade in T&T. From this, many came to realise how little visibility and support local businesses have here in Trinidad. Business owners within the food, fashion, environmental tourism, and transport industry even, consistently produce quality, organic products that adhere to the needs of our citizens but are often overwhelmed by the Trinbagonian perception that foreign is better. As our economy continues to struggle, it is becoming more and more evident that it would be the most beneficial to support local and start to mind our business.

Open Your Mind

We need to bridge the gap regarding important social issues of the nation. This involves shaking off taboo topics like sex, race, mental health, religion and politics. Children are still being bullied and experimenting sexually in schools, people are plummeting into depressive states, and women are still being sexually harassed. It’s time to start advocating for proper sex education in schools, as well as alternative teaching/punishment methods in schools.

Here’s to a progressive 2019 for Trinidad and Tobago.



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