7 Soca 2019 Hits for your Gym Playlist

Get pumped for the season and shed those extra Christmas pounds with our list (in no particular order) of 7 Soca 2019 hits of varying paces to add to your playlist, as well as some honourable mentions.

Famalay – Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, and Skinny Fabulous

This one is not just a feel-good, hug-up-everybody song. It’s vibes and more vibes, urging all of us to get over the differences and embrace everyone.

We doh see skin, we doh see colour. We see strength, we see power.

Machel and Bunji brought in Skinny Fabulous from St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a show of true Caribbean unity, proving his statement that Soca is “the music of the Caribbean.” 

We want to know though Machel; what’s with the Iwer diss tune if we’re all one famalay…lay lay lay lay lay? 👀

Savannah Grass – Kes the Band

Saying this is a local favourite is an understatement. The instruments, the lyrics, the beat, the rhythm of this tune makes a Trini’s pores raise. I’ve witnessed emotional reactions to this song. Kes managed to perfectly capture Life in Trinidad and Tobago in three minutes and forty-seven seconds.

It has been performed on ukele, piano, violin, steelpan, and violin again!

Run Wid It – Mr. Killa

This song is taking the airwaves by storm. People listened to the words to “pick up something, anything, and start to run wid it,” and now it’s viral.

In true Trini fashion, people picked up speakers, coolers, tables, chairs, and even people and ran with them! So much so, that the police got involved. The received reports that corn soup apparatus was picked up and not returned.


Thanks for this one Mr. Killa. Trinidad and Tobago sends love to Grenada. Many persons have expressed the belief that this tune will take the International Soca Monarch 2019 and that you’ve deserved this since Rolly Polly.

Brave – Erphaan Alves, Nailah Blackman, and Sekon Sta

Nailah is really shaping into the Soca princess! Joined by Erphaan Alves and Sekon Sta, she delivers a declaration of patriotism to Trinidad and Tobago and love for our Carnival. Team #Naiarmy!

Tell them we reach. We hard to beat. Because the streets belong to we.

All the best trying not wine on the treadmill.

Release -Machel Montano

“Ah could feel it in meh veins and capilliaries.”

Nuff said.

Stage Party – Destra

The Queen of Bacchanal does it again with this one. Vocals, costume, visuals, lyrics, beat, everything is on point. Therefore, many Trinbagonians acknowledge Destra as the true Soca Queen.

If there’s one thing that gets Trinis hyped for the season, it’s the anticipation of palancing on the stage for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Destra delivers just that in this hit power Soca tune, giving gym goers the final energetic push they need to get that desirous Carnival body.

The Road – Machel Montano and Ashanti

We really tried hard not to have more than two Machel 2019 hits on this list, but he’s the indisputable King of Soca. As a result of this fact, it was bound to happen. Especially since he is determined to collaborate with everyone in the world and their tantie (nods with respect to Calypso Rose).

In ‘The Road’, he teams up with international R&B super star, Ashanti for a sweet Soca love song.

Honourable Mentions

Judgement Stage – Patrice Roberts

Rag Storm – Super Blue

Party Start – Swappi and Ultimate Rejects

Blaze in Love – Erphaan Alves

Personal – 5 Star Akil

Which song did we miss?



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