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Taste the rush of the Caribbean with Alvin’s Hot Sauce!

Trinidad born Alvin Franklin, grew up in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. He would go on to join the US military, and after his retirement created his own hot sauce inspired by home. According to Alvin, he pours his

“love and passion into every bottle to make the perfect blend of fruit, peppers and spices. I work with local island farmers and growers, personally selecting the freshest ingredients for each batch. You will discover that Alvin’s Hot Pepper Sauce is like no other…full of flavor with a nice balance of heat.”

Meet Alvin

Alvin’s Hot Sauce is delectable, and not for the faint of heart. Made from ingredients locally produced on Trinidad farms, including the Trinidadian Scotch bonnet peppers. It has quickly become known for as a Caribbean condiment with tremendous flavors. His product is 100% vegan and unlike most sauces that use a vinegar and water base, Alvin’s hot sauce is papaya-based. Bringing a unique taste to your table. His hot sauce has received multiple awards over the years and has even been featured on the Netflix original series Restaurants On the Edge.

Netflix Feature

Alvin’s red pepper hot sauce and yellow pepper hot sauce are available in supermarkets nationwide.

To learn more about Alvin, his products or how to get it in your own store, be sure to check them out on

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