Author - Serah Acham

Serah is a Content Creator at LIFEINTRINIDAD Marketing Limited. She is an all-round communications specialist with experience in everything from writing and editing to graphic design and photography. An avid reader, she believes in the power of the written word to inspire.

Bridal Essentials

Marriage (Dis)approved

What would you do if your child wanted to marry someone you don’t approve of? It’s a situation faced by many families and reasons span the very...

our story

Telling Our Story

Earlier this month, Trinidad and Tobago lost a well-respected and much-loved man, Angelo Bissessarsingh. For such a young man (he died at age 34)...

Health & Fitness

Fitness Reboot For 2017

With each new year comes new goals and health and fitness usually tops most lists. Serah Acham talks to T&T’s leading fitness professional, Jared...


How Old Is Old Enough?

On Tuesday January 17th, 2017, Trinidad and Tobago’s senate passed the Marriage Bill, which sets the legal age of marriage at 18 years old for...

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