For Travee Caribbean, the Sky’s the Limit

Launched in Trinidad and Tobago in 2018, Travee brings a customer experience unlike any other to the transport industry in the Caribbean.

In 2016, three friends came together with a vision to fill the gaps found in rideshare apps in the Caribbean. With guaranteed customer safety as its focus, Emeka Farrier, Makesi Peters and Darryl Grant created Travee Technologies Ltd., a premium rideshare experience for the Caribbean. Launched in Trinidad and Tobago in 2018, Travee brings a customer experience unlike any other to the transport industry in the Caribbean.

Uber exited  the Trinidad and Tobago market due to security failures and it was important for Travee’s Management to tackle the issue of customer safety head-on and implement measures to address security features missing from other rideshare apps.

Firstly, customers can choose their driver preference and opt for a female driver if this choice makes them more comfortable. Also integrated into the Travee app is the ability to include emergency contacts.

In speaking with the Life in Trinidad and Tobago team, Makesi Peters (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Travee) expressed:

“When you book a ride, your emergency contact immediately gets a message to his or her phone and that message will tell the contact who your driver is, the driver’s location and live tracking at all times to see when the ride starts and finishes. So that’s a big plus for us in terms of safety.”

Additionally, the company takes rigorous measures to ensure that all drivers accepted to the platform are properly vetted. Unlike other rideshare apps, drivers with exceptional customer ratings have the opportunity to earn more money as Travee cab drivers for the corporate sector and tourism industry. Driver incentives also include free gas cards, hampers and seasonal opportunities to earn 100% commission on trips. Occasionally, Travee drivers can also access discounted flights between Trinidad and Tobago through Travee Sky.

Travee Sky is an exciting in-app feature that offers the comfort and convenience of a private flight between Trinidad and Tobago starting at TT $400 one-way. This is easily booked by downloading the app and pre-booking the dates and times of your flight. Travee agents then follow up to confirm your booking. Persons interested in booking a chartered flight to other Caribbean islands can reach out to Travee’s Marketing Team at [email protected] for assistance.

Integration into Trinidad and Tobago’s local market is well underway as Peters and his team is already in talks with the country’s  Public Transport Service Corporation to improve the reliability of the service. Travee will use its unique technological capabilities to map out bus routes and provide customers with estimated bus arrival times. “We also intend to make the service paperless with the integration of a mobile ticketing system. All of this will be coordinated through the Travee app as our ambition is to integrate technology into every aspect of public transportation,” Peters said.

The team has major plans to integrate the app throughout the Caribbean region as the go-to for safe, reliable, convenient and readily accessible travel.  With plans to begin operations in St. Lucia by July and Jamaica later on in the year, Peters is optimistic and confident that Travee will become a household brand across the Caribbean islands, much like Caribbean Airlines and Liat.

“For me, Travee really focuses on regional integration in the Caribbean. You land in St. Lucia, you pull out your phone and you open Travee. You land in Barbados, you pull out your phone and you open Travee. That is the connection we want. We may even have a Travee Airlines one day, you never know!” Peters predicts.

Download the driver’s app and the rider’s app for IOS and Android and travel stress-free with Travee!



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