Gift-Wrapping Hacks to Make your Christmas Brighter

Have you ever found yourself sitting with a pile of gifts in all different shapes and sizes to wrap on Christmas Eve night? How does one really wrap a basketball anyway?

When it comes to gift wrapping, my sister and my father are both superheroes. I tend to rush it and do a terrible job because I lack both the patience and the mentality of a perfectionist.

gift wrapping

If you feel the same way, there is hope!  Impress yourself, if not anyone else, with these gift-wrapping hacks.

Pay attention to your tape when gift-wrapping

If you’re unable to purchase the decorative and festive tape, buy Scotch book tape. Forget the fancy ones, beauty is often only skin deep. It is usually the neatest and sturdiest tape that rarely tears wrapping paper.

Super Hack –  Bookmark your tape by attaching a paper clip at the end. No more fussing or wastage.


Boxes are your best friends!

Make sure to ask for a box with every purchase you make this season. If not, re-purpose old shoe boxes, soap boxes or jewellery boxes to make your gift wrapping less of a chore. It makes the process of gift wrapping ten times easier and you get to be creative when personalising the outside of the boxes.

Super Hack – Upcycle toilet paper rolls into these adorable Christmas packages for your gifts. See here.


Wrap Boxes Diagonally

After averaging the amount of gift wrapping paper needed to wrap your present, place the box diagonally on the paper. Stick two opposite ends of paper together at the centre using book tape. Crease a triangle at the two edges of your box to resemble an envelope flap. Pull envelope flap down to the centre and secure with book tape. This uses less tape and makes you look like a professional elf!

Super Hack- To ensure your paper-wrapped gift is presentable, remember to sharply crease all the folds! Before long, people will actually believe you’re an adult.

Gift Wrap Alternatives

Didn’t get a chance to purchase any gift wrapping paper this year? Try using the rest of your kids’ brown paper that you would use to cover their books. Attach a bow after wrapping your gifts to give your present a neat rustic look.

Super Hack – Score major points for customisation by using paint on the plain wrapping paper. See here.

Save money on gift bags

In the event that you didn’t get a box with your purchase for the holidays, make your own gift bag out of the wrapping paper that you already have. Fold your wrapping into equal 3rds vertically and secure with book tape. Fold ¼ of the paper again horizontally and fold the edges open to form two triangles. Fold in open flaps to meet and secure with book tape. Place your gift inside, and fold the top of your bag over. You can even punch two holes and thread some twine or ribbon as a handle for your gift bag!

Super Hack – Use a box as a guide to create your own gift bags. This allows you to make different sizes for various gifts. See tutorial here.

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Sock-it to ’em!

All the years of getting socks and draws from Santa were for a reason. Unpack those unused patterned socks and use them to wrap thoe oddly shaped presents for the season. Tie a ribbon around it and voila! Thicker socks are great for that bottle of Punche de Crème you wish to give to your neighbour!

Hack of all Hacks – Have Fun!!

Preparing your gift is meant to be a fun experience, so sit back and do it all while enjoying a glass of sorrel or looking at your favourite Christmas movies. Enjoy yourself and the time will fly.




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