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How to Book A Flight Without Going Broke

Taking flight does not have to empty your pockets. Being conscious of these tips will help you save money to spend on other things, like an extra day away.

How many hours do you spend trying to find the lowest fare to your destination? Ideally, travelling shouldn’t be expensive or exhaustive if you have the inclination. If you find yourself still spending more than you had budgeted then consider these tips for reducing your overall cost.

Book at the right time and on the right day.

In T&T the best, most cost-effective days to book international flights are Wednesdays and Thursdays, particularly Wednesdays. The best time to book? Booking after midnight is your best bet for increased chances of finding lower rates.


Search for your flight alongside keywords like “discount”, “promo”, or “coupon code”.

You never know, an airline might be propitiously doing promos or offering discounts around the time you need to book a flight. Adding these words to the search could just lead to you landing a lucky deal when the results come up.

Pack as light as possible.

The heavier your extraneous luggage is, the more in baggage fees you would have to pay. Be mindful of this when you’re trying to minimise your costs.

Check out these awesome packing hacks!


Be aware of any hidden fees that might be attached to your booking.

There are inconspicuous factors that could affect the overall price you pay for your flight. Make sure you read the guidelines of the airline you are dealing with. There could be fees implemented for a method of booking (by phone, online, etc.), for specific seat selections, or just unavoidable taxes that inflate the cost. Try to find out exactly what you’re paying for and see which charges can be eliminated or reduced.

Fly during off-peak periods.

If you are planning an international trip, research the most popular months for travel to that destination. And to cut costs, plan your trip during the months when air traffic to the destination is minimal. Flights during these slow periods are usually cheaper and costs for tourists, in general, might also be less in the country itself. In addition, book flights at odd times that most other people might pass up, such as mid-week, for cheaper rates.

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