How To Get The Best Out Of Your Interior Designer

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to add some pizzazz to your home! Yet still, we can’t all be HGTV superstars. So now you’re reaching out to the professionals, scouring the market for an Interior Designer. The process of hiring a professional is sometimes daunting, but this is not just your house, it’s your home. Understandably, you want it to be perfect, so you’re ready to give it your all, and then some.

Here are three critical points to remember to your prospective designers before making it official.

What is Their Signature?

Designers tend to work on projects that appeal to them and not the client, so you want to be careful in this regard. Will their vision match yours? To get a sense of their signature style, be sure to ask for a profile of their past work. The budgets may vary, but it’s a good indication of whether their aesthetic will work with your preferences. Remember that this is a matter of personal taste and your wow-factor might be their nuh-uh factor. It is your house, so your likes and dislikes matter, but a good designer will be able to share their professional opinion without corrupting your sense of comfort and style.

Communicate your Vision

A good designer should be able to get it out of you by guiding you through photos, asking questions about what’s already in your home, what’s in your closet, or what type of artwork you like. You should not feel as though you’re surrendering entirely to a wholesale, prefabricated design. A good designer will ask you questions like – “What do you love about this room?” “How do you want to feel about when you walk into the room?” or “What do you hate in this room?” From these answers, the designer should be able to craft a concept to suit your vision.

Collaboration is Key

When perusing their profile of work, look out to see if they have examples of work similar to your style, scope, and budget. If they do, this suggests that they can handle your project. If they don’t have a similar project to yours, ask if they can pull images of a project they feel is similar.

All in all, remember to keep an open mind. Whether it’s a small project or a big one, it’s important that your interior designer is a good fit with your vision. Yet still, make room for professional opinions and suggestions. These points are important in order to keep you from making costly mistakes and guiding you in the direction of your dream design.



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