Making A Case For The Honeymoon

Universally touted as the happiest day of one’s life, the wedding signifies the joining of two hearts into one. It is a milestone that celebrates shared commitment, happiness and the forging of familial bonds. Deep emotions are evoked on the day – hearts flutter, feet turn cold, eyes tear-up as dreams of the future become reality. It’s no wonder so much emphasis is placed on it. The wedding has become an occasion that holds so much significance that couples go all out to execute the perfect event, even if they don’t have it all.

It’s no secret, weddings can be very expensive. You have to pay for a venue, décor and catering crews, invitations, photography, a DJ, the cake and let’s not forget the wedding dress, tux and rings. Talk about stress! You (soon-to-be newlyweds) are really going to need that dream honeymoon you’re planning. A whole month, just you and your betrothed. (Insert fantasy here.) Wait! After spending as much as you already have on your wedding, you can’t afford that. Well, maybe you can spend a week somewhere cheaper. Or, you can postpone your honeymoon until you can afford something better. Unfortunately, that’s a decision that many couples have to make and it begs the question: is a lavish wedding worth sacrificing the time and experiences you’ll have together on your honeymoon? Or should you swap financial priorities and settle for a small wedding, so you can have the honeymoon you both really want?

You want a successful and everlasting marriage, but which expense will help you better achieve that goal?  To some, there’s no question – their wedding is a celebration of their love and their love knows no bounds, so neither should their bank accounts. However, we can also make a good case for the honeymoon:


In addition to being expensive, weddings are stressful. You spend months preparing for the big day and when the time finally comes, you’re so busy that you can’t fully enjoy that “best day of your lives”. Even a small, intimate wedding will be stressful. The honeymoon, however, is your time to relax and really enjoy yourselves together. And after your big day, you both deserve it.

Make great memories.

The time and experiences you share on your honeymoon will form some of your first memories as a married couple. You’ll enjoy your wedding, but the day will fly. On your honeymoon, however, you can sit back and really savour the moments.


Focus on each other.

Spending quality time together, before you settle into married life, can set the tone for your lives together. Be sure to have new experiences together and maybe you’ll learn some new things about one another.

Couples, whichever your preference – big wedding or big honeymoon – your marriage is your celebration, so do whatever you need to make it the best day, or days, of your lives.



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