People willing to pay Property Tax – Finance Minister

Minister of Finance announced that most property owners are still willing to pay property tax despite the Opposition’s attempts to foster discontent. Minister Imbert went on to confirm that the Cabinet approved a proposal from his office to prolong the cut-off date for the processing of valuation forms from the previously announced May 22 to June 5. 

He said the extension was unrelated to the two pre-action protocol letters that were sent to his ministry the preceding week. He also noted that most citizens liked to do last-minute things, adding that more than 150,000 valuation forms have been received by the Valuation Division’s offices in the last two weeks.

The Minister recapped that the Ministry now has more than 250,000 registered residential properties, adding that he was also a property owner and also had an assessment number which he has been using to pay land and building taxes. He also disclosed that the next phase of the outreach programme will be aimed at commercial and industrial property owners.



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