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Are you ready for La Joya’s Christmas Village 2017?

christmas village
La Joya's annual Christmas Village promises the best one yet!

This year make sure December 2nd is marked on your calendar and bring the entire family to enjoy a day of fun, food, and shopping. La Joya’s Christmas Village promises to be the biggest and best one yet!

The Christmas Village represents a unique opportunity for vendors and budding entrepreneurs to showcase their products while patrons can enjoy a festive market atmosphere, shopping for novelty items and Christmas delicacies. Choose from a selection of local favourites like: ponche de crème, pastelles, rum punch, homemade wine, sorrel, black cake, sweet bread, fresh juices and pepper sauce.

christmas villageIf shopping for your loved ones is on your mind, you can get a big chunk of it done at the Christmas Village without putting a dent in your savings. Find a range of items like: clothing, jewellery, organic soaps, Christmas decorations, household items, garden items, Morninga products, unique craft items, toys, natural bath and body product and men’s accessories!

For the families on a budget, this is the perfect family outing. Admission is completely free! Don’t miss it!

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