Teach Your Kids the Value of Craft This New Year’s Day

This fun and engaging craft is an exciting way to bring the kids together as we enter the new year, 2018. Have fun creating!

This New Year’s Day Calendar will have your kids excited for the new year and each new day. It’s a fun and engaging craft that functions as a continuous learning tool.

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You Will Need:

  • Brown Cotton Fabric
  • Black Bristol board
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Push pins
  • Twine
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue


  • Use 1 large sheet of brown Cotton fabric as your backing for your DIY Calendar. Using a pencil, lightly draw a 10×10 inch square to the top of your brown cotton fabric.
  • Two inches below, mark 31 spots on the fabric 1 inch away from each other using a pencil.
  • On a separate sheet of Bristol board, use a pencil to trace a 10-inch vertical rectangle. Draw a small 5cm horizontal rectangle onto the top, bottom and top sides of the larger rectangle.
  • Cut out the shape and use as a template for 30 more shapes.
  • When shapes are cut out, fold the 10inch rectangle in half, then fold top, bottom and side rectangles in as flaps. Stick flaps down with glue.
  • When dry, use chalk to number your Bristol board pockets from 1-31.
  • Attach pockets using double-sided tape to marked spots on brown cotton fabric, numerically arranged from 1-31.
  • In your 10-inch square box, pin the month of the year and its corresponding theme from your Themed Handprint Art Calendar Covers.
  • Attach two thumb tacks to the top left and right of the fabric.
  • Wrap twine around the left thumb tack and attach the other end of the twine to the other thumbtack.
  • Insert a final thumbtack to your wall and hook your calendar on the wall.
  • Once safely secured, fill the pockets with reminders, treats, rewards, and anything else you like throughout the year. For months like February, simply erase the extra days on the extra pockets.

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