The Best Security Systems for Your Property in 2018

In collaboration with Essentia Security.

It’s a new year and a new beginning. Hopefully your resolutions included getting a new home security system! With so many options on the market, you want to ensure you’re making the right investment for your home or business. Here are three of the best options for security available from Essentia.

Best Do-It-Yourself Installation System: The Awareness Camera

If you happen to not be too technology savvy but still want all the benefits of a reliable home monitoring system then the Awareness Camera from Honeywell is perfect for you.

Step 1: Purchase the Awareness Camera from Essentia at a one-time affordable cost.

Step 2: Download the Lyric App, this allows you to remotely access and control the camera.

Step 3: Follow the step by step guide for set-up on the Lyric App. There is no complicated wiring to figure out and the camera itself can easily be mounted on a wall or simply placed on a flat, raised surface for maximum broad-range awareness.

Step 4: Once you’ve set everything up with the hardware through the app, you’re ready to start monitoring your home. The Lyric App can automatically turn the camera on or off depending on your location.


  • A relatively inexpensive, reliable, and lasting home security system.
  • The ability to monitor family members, pets, children, or other valuable assets to ensure that nothing goes wrong while you’re away.
  • Get alerts about security breaches and other emergencies in real time.
  • Two way audio feature allows you to communicate with someone in your home during an emergency.
  • The camera has night vision and a 135° wide-angle view, allowing for better capture.
  • No professional, technical installation required.
  • Adapts to your location or use “Home” and “Away” modes.
  • Easy to adjust the location and position of the camera at any time to your liking.
  • Sound and motion detector, with a smoke alarm included.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone without a permanent residence can conveniently take their security with them wherever they go.
  • Tertiary level students who temporarily rent apartments for part-time use will find this system useful and a great value for money.
  • Caretakers who look after infirmed patients or loved ones can set up this system to easily monitor their charges while they run errands outside the residence or even from another room in the residence.
  • Elderly people who live alone might benefit in emergencies if the camera is set up in their home and a trusted family member or friend has access through the app.
  • Pet owners who need to ensure pets are safe and not causing damage to themselves or property.

Best For-The-Basics System: The Doorbird

Depending on your preferences, you may simply want to know who is at your door rather than having cameras inside your home. The DoorBird system is essentially an intercom for your doorway so it is perfect in that regard.

Step 1: Essentia installs the DoorBird doorbell in your home’s main entry point.

Step 2: Download the DoorBird app which connects to the doorbell.

Step 3: Now you have the power to know who is at your door at all times.



  • Burglary Prevention. Did you know that some burglars ring the doorbell as a cursory measure to gauge whether or not the occupants are home? You will get notified if a stranger rings the doorbell on the app, wherever you are.
  • Receive parcels when you’re not at home. The delivery person rings the doorbell, you get an alert, and then you will be able to communicate with them directly to give instructions and even unlock the door for them if the parcel needs to be put inside.
  • Can be programmed to contact up to eight connected devices, smartphones or tablets. Each resident of the house will be able to conveniently get a notification when the doorbell is pressed.
  • Can connect to locks and garage doors for easy opening and closing at your will.
  • The doorbell itself is weatherproof, conforming to “IP54 specification for protection against dust, dirt, and splashing water.” So you won’t have to worry about degradation and frequent replacements or upgrades.
  • Store your visitor history. The device will hold a maximum of 20 snapshots of recent visitors, with each new snapshot overwriting the earliest one. You can see the date and time of each visit and download the information to your smartphone.
  • Motion sensor, night vision, and infrared are all features that provide an added element of security.

Perfect for:

  • Parents who work late. You will be alerted when your children get home from school and enter the house.
  • People who live alone. Know who is knocking so you won’t answer the door for possible hostile intruders.
  • People who receive visitors regularly. Relieve the hassle of always having to be home or getting up to answer the door all the time.

Best Commercial Asset Protection System: The Honeywell Fire Alarm

You probably have an informal alert and evacuation procedure in place during working hours, but what about when the business place is empty during non-working hours? There is nothing more devastating than a fire destroying your entire premises. Luckily, Essentia can install Honeywell’s comprehensive fire alarm in your company to better protect your assets.


Essentia will monitor the property and contact you and the fire department immediately upon detection of a fire. Smoke detectors are routinely supervised and you will be duly notified when they are in need of cleaning, fixing, upgrading, or replacing.

Every business owner will benefit from this essential service.



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