Top 10 FREE Programs for Entrepreneurs in Trinidad & Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, entrepreneurship is a driving force behind economic diversification and innovation. To support this growing community, several organizations offer free resources and programs designed to assist entrepreneurs at various stages of their business journeys. Here’s a guide to some of the top free programs available for entrepreneurs in Trinidad & Tobago in 2024:

Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT)

Overview: YBTT offers various programs designed to support young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35. Their services include workshops, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities that are crucial for young professionals looking to start or expand their businesses.
Benefits: Access to experienced mentors, business development training, and networking events.

National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO)

Overview: NEDCO provides training, financing, and mentorship to small and micro-enterprises throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Their Entrepreneurship Development Programme offers free workshops on business fundamentals such as business planning, marketing, financial management, and legal requirements.
Benefits: Comprehensive business training and potential access to micro-financing options.

CARIRI’s Idea Advisory Service

Overview: The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) offers an Idea Advisory Service (IAS) aimed at helping individuals turn their innovative ideas into viable business products or services. The program includes free consultancy on product development, market research, and business modeling.
Benefits: Expert advice on transforming ideas into market-ready products, along with access to CARIRI’s vast industrial research resources.

FashionTT’s Global Value Chain Programme

Overview: Specifically designed for local fashion designers and entrepreneurs, this program facilitated by the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Company Limited (FashionTT) offers training, mentorship, and exposure to international markets.
Benefits: Tailored support for fashion entrepreneurs looking to expand locally and globally, with insights from industry experts.

Sheltech Entrepreneurship Programme

Overview: Hosted by Shell Trinidad and Tobago, this programme is aimed at supporting startups and small enterprises through workshops and mentorship sessions focused on sustainable business practices.
Benefits: Entrepreneurial skills development, especially in areas of sustainability and energy efficiency, critical for modern businesses.

Microsoft Trinidad & Tobago’s BizSpark Program

Overview: For tech startups, Microsoft offers the BizSpark program, providing free access to Microsoft products, as well as technical support and guidance. The program also offers an opportunity to connect with a global network of partners, clients, and leading investors.
Benefits: Free software, cloud services, and technical support, helping reduce overhead costs for tech startups.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Venture Competition

Overview: Although primarily a competition, UWI offers extensive training and mentorship to participants throughout the competition process. This program is designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among university students and alumni.
Benefits: Business development support and the opportunity to win seed funding to kick-start your venture.

Launch RockIt

Overview: Launch RockIt provides a platform for entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate. They host regular hackathons, workshops, and networking events that are free for the startup community.
Benefits: A community-focused approach to entrepreneurship that encourages collaboration and innovation through hands-on activities.

Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s Nova Committee

Overview: The Nova Committee is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and SMEs. They regularly host free seminars and webinars on issues impacting local businesses.
Benefits: Educational resources and advocacy support, along with networking opportunities with other business owners and industry leaders.

CreativeTT’s Creative Entrepreneurship Programme

Overview: Aimed at entrepreneurs in the creative industries, this programme offers workshops, seminars, and mentorship to help creative talents monetize their abilities.
Benefits: Specific industry insights, business skills training, and exposure to local and international markets.

These programs are essential for fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Trinidad and Tobago. They provide the tools, knowledge, and support necessary for aspiring and established entrepreneurs to thrive in a competitive business landscape.



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