Top Art Galleries And Studios In Trinidad and Tobago

Embark on a sophisticated exploration of Trinidad and Tobago’s thriving art scene with an exclusive list of distinguished galleries and studios, each showcasing the pinnacle of local artistic talent. From avant-garde installations to classical masterpieces, these establishments offer a curated journey through the cultural richness and artistic diversity that define the islands.

1. National Museum and Art Gallery (Port of Spain)

Situated in the heart of the capital city, this iconic institution serves as a cultural beacon, seamlessly intertwining historical narratives with contemporary artistic expressions. The National Museum and Art Gallery encapsulate the essence of Trinidad and Tobago’s artistic evolution.

2. Y Art Gallery (Port of Spain)

Elevate your appreciation for Caribbean art at the Y Art Gallery, a space dedicated to championing emerging talents. With rotating exhibitions, this gallery provides a dynamic and diverse perspective on the evolving artistic landscape.

3. Horizons Art Gallery (Port of Spain)

Boasting a legacy spanning over four decades, Horizons Art Gallery stands as a stalwart supporter of Trinidad’s art community. Exhibiting a diverse range of mediums, from paintings to sculptures, it continues to be a vital contributor to the islands’ cultural narrative.

4. Medulla Art Gallery (Woodbrook)

Discover contemporary Caribbean art at the intimate Medulla Art Gallery in Woodbrook. Its carefully curated setting allows for an immersive experience, fostering a profound connection between the viewer and each unique artwork.

5. 101 Art Gallery (Port of Spain)

Positioned as an advocate for both established and emerging artists, 101 Art Gallery plays a pivotal role in shaping the local art landscape. Its curated exhibitions and commitment to artistic dialogue make it a must-visit for discerning art enthusiasts.

6. Big Black Box (Woodbrook)

For an unconventional art encounter, visit Big Black Box in Woodbrook. This versatile space hosts exhibitions, performances, and cultural events, providing a dynamic platform for artists to explore the boundaries of creativity.

7. Soft Box Gallery  (St. Claire)

A Contemporary Art Gallery in Trinidad and Tobago. The Gallery exhibits the work of talented visual artists both locally and internationally.

Embark on an enriching visual odyssey through these premier art galleries and studios in Trinidad and Tobago, where excellence in creativity knows no bounds. Whether you are a seasoned art aficionado or an astute explorer, these spaces beckon you to witness the pinnacle of local talent that defines the islands’ sophisticated artistic spirit.



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