[VIDEO] Despacito – The Trini Christmas Parang remix

Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ broke the Internet in 2017! From Major Lazer and MOSKA’s EDM version to the debatably hilarious I Wear Speedos remix, this song invaded our radios for the majority of the year and spewed a slew of remakes. Very much like salt, Trinis were sure to get in on the action.

Check out the beautiful and creative vocals of Trinidad and Tobago’s very own Parranderos, Los Alumnos De San Juan, in their festive take of Despacito. Listen as they put a traditional parang twist that embodies everything that makes Trini Christmas the best.

Despacito Parang – Los Alumnos De San Juan remix


(Verse 1)

Si, yes it’s the time of the year where we love to share

With our friends and family, fans and foes

Ah Si, the days are shorter, nights longer, the atmosphere

Filled with love and laughter, joy and care.

(Here’s what) Look we getting ready to head up to Lopinot

D traffic man we pull up and we ready for d show

We going and we don’t want to miss Los Alumnos (yeah, yeah, yeah yeah)

Then we getting ready to head up to Paramin

When 5 in d morning we still paranging

If yuh love yuh parang, lemme see yuh do so.



It is Christmas time right here in sweet Trinbago

We getting ready for the birth of Jesuchristo

The cleaning and the shopping, everywhere you see love flow,


This is how we do it here in sweet Trinbago

Parang house to house, we doh have to know yuh

We eating and we drinking everything yuh bring yeah (Bring it bring it bring it!)


I never wanna spend a Christmas away from mi isla bella (oh, oh)

That is gonna drive me loca (oh, oh)

Aqui es mi favorito (favorito, favorito baby!)

D sorrel and d ginger beer, d Ponche De Crème and d pastelle,

Christmas here in sweet Trinbago

Si, es mi favorito

(Verse 2)

Christmas is here, everybody come along

Sing and dance yeah to the song

Christmas music in the air

It comes around once a year

People jumping up and singing along to d (Parang!)

Los Alumnos, d beat we singing Despacito (Parang!)

We come out here to sing, dance, and play music in d party

Parang, Parang, Parang, Parang, singing to move yuh body

Everybody come see Los Alumnos De San Juan

Mashup every party when yuh see we touch down.

(Pre-Chorus) 2x

Pasito, Pasito, Suave suavecito

We heading down to Sando, Tabaquite y Rio Claro

All the parrenderos, all d parang lovers

Vamos a celebrar el nacimento




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