Vidya Thurab Shares Top 5 Soca 2019 Hits

Top 5 tunes for Carnival 2019
The votes are in, the ballots counted. The time has come to pick the best Soca songs of Carnival 2019.

Vidya is a media professional – sub-editor and photographer – and a deep lover of the Soca art form.


This exercise was kind of hard because this year had really good songs. I’m vexed at having to leave out Blaxx — he was meh boy and constantly brought it every year, including “Bring the fire” with Master of Mas three years ago, one of the greatest Soca songs of recent times. His big song for 2019 “Gyal Owner”, was a big tune. There was Motto, with “One Woman” and Machel with “Toco Loco”. This project gave me a serious carnival tabancca!!

 Kes – Savannah Grass

This song was my number one pick due to its lyrical content that encompassed the vibe and spirit of carnival. Also for its melodious arrangement and its rhythm section chorus line that featured a tradition near and dear to every Trini’s heart.

Nadia Batson – So Long

This song epitomised the unique but very real ‘friendly trini’ expression of most Trinidadians during the Carnival season on meeting a long lost friend relative or even acquaintance. The first thing you do is ‘buss ah wine’ on dem and refrain, “So long I ain’t see you.”

Mr Killa – Run Wid it

Whilst Killa may not be Trini, this song was well accepted and loved. It truly possessed a spirit both figuratively (the Jab Jab experience of J’ouvert) and literally (spirit as in rum). It also had that familiar feel of Shadow’s ‘Bass Man’ that Trinis could relate to.

Farmer Nappy – Hookin Meh

Undoubtedly this was the romantic soca song of the season. With lyrics and melody to suit, if you were a couple or had a significant other who was going through a little spat, playing this song for them guaranteed you points, a good cuddle and slow wine.

Voice- Alive and Well

He is fifth on my list but by no means the least. This soca song falls in the realm of conscious vibes for the Carnival season. It’s one of those songs you can listen to year round and not just feel Carnival but feel inspired and blessed.

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