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Women’s Relay Earn Another Worlds Qualification Attempt

The women’s sprint relay team of Trinidad and Tobago have earned another chance to qualify for the World Championships at the NGC/Sagicor National Open Track and Field Championships. The event is scheduled for June 23-25.

Speaking yesterday at the Radisson Hotel in Port of Spain during the official launch of the National Association of Athletics Administrations Championship Month, The NAAA secretary Dexter Voisin confirmed that invitations had been sent out to other countries to compete against T&T in the women’s event.

“Correspondence will be forwarded to the region and all respondents will be signed up for the event. Per IAAF rules, as long as we have two or more countries participating, it is a legal qualifying event whether the field is strong or not. This purpose of this event is to make sure our girls run and qualify for the World Championships.”

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