6 Common Birds Found In Trinidad & Tobago

  Blue-gray Tanager The Blue-gray Tanager, otherwise known as the ‘Bluejean’ is a most common species of birds found roaming in gardens around Trinidad and Tobago. They originate mostly in Mexico and North Brazil and is mostly known for it’s vibrant high pitch calls and bright blue feathers. Blue-Crowned Motmot The first distinctive feature of […]

What I Learnt About Trinis On A Trip To Gasparee Caves

I left home early to beat the traffic. At 7:30 am sharp, I was pulling out of my driveway. I, along with some other Trinis, were accompanying a group of six Germans on a guided tour of the magnificent Gasparee Caves. I have lived in Trinidad all my life but had never seen them before […]

Stadium Entry Crisis

The CONCACAF 2018 World Cup Qualifying Hexagonal Schedule is out and it’s ready to go. The fans are excited, the players are excited, and the football is ready to play. But wait! One thing we forgot to mention is the entry crisis to come into these matches! If we have to wait hours to get […]

Cricket, A Beloved Sport In Trinidad & Tobago

Cricket is one of the most beloved sports in Trinidad and Tobago. There is a very intense inter- island rivalry between the Caribbean Nations. It started in 1869 when Trinidad took on Demerara for two matches, winning one and losing one. Trinidad also participated in the Inter-Colonial Tournament which included Barbados, British Guiana (formerly Demerara), […]

5 Keys To Running A Successful Business

Leadership Everything begins and ends with proper leadership and many times people confuse leadership with being the boss. Poor leadership leads to poor businesses. When dealing with business, the leader must be a visionary with the ability to communicate effectively enough to result in purpose driven activity. This delivery can use numerous forms such as […]

5 Things Trinis Should Be Proud Of

1. One of the HOTTEST peppers in the world – Moruga Scorpion Pepper Move over ghost pepper, there’s a new winner in town. The Moruga Scorpion pepper, grown right here in Trinidad and Tobago, has been recently named one of the hottest peppers in the world. This is not just island hearsay. In fact, the […]

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

With so much to do around the holiday time we believe getting a head start with Christmas planning will go a long way. This year, why not challenge yourself to do as much of the prep as possible so you can kick back, relax and enjoy all of the fun holiday activities when Christmas day […]

Colour Schemes That Will Never Grow Old

Black and White Such a classic combination, the use of black and white in decorating gives a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room. Accessorising and choosing an accent colour is also made easy with this combo. Khaki and Beige The neutral palette is quite timeless. Soft hues such as these […]

Coconut Water – The Absolute Refresher

From the many stalls we frequent around the Queen’s Park Savannah with family and friends, to the bottle of coconut water used to chase our rums at a house gathering, this refreshing drink is as vital to Trinidad culture as regular water. Trinidadians and tourists alike all enjoy the sweet taste of coconut water. While […]

5 Things Trinis Love

1. No Lines There is no way to describe the euphoria a Trini feels when he walks into an establishment (like KFC or the bank) and finds that there are no lines. Unless you know what it’s like to always be met with slow moving lines that turn the simplest of tasks into an ordeal […]