Our Society


T&T’s history, and really world history in general, explains its present societal makeup. The population is an estimated 1,405,646 persons as of December 13th 2022. The two main ethnic groups in Trinidad are East Indian and African, with the percentage of individuals from each race being roughly the same in the population. Other resident ethnicities are Chinese, Portuguese, Syrian, Venezuelan (Latin American), Europeans (British/French/Spanish), Indigenous (Amerindians), and Mixed Races. Tobago is mainly populated by people of African descent with some Europeans.

The dominant religious group on the islands are the Protestants. Roman Catholicism is the second most prolific religion, followed by the differing denominations of Evangelical Christianity, including Anglicans and Presbyterians. A substantial percentage of the East Indian population in Trinidad follow Hinduism and a smaller, yet still significant, percent are Islamic. There is a faction of Jehovah Witnesses, and a much smaller percentage of other religions. There are less than three percent of people who identify as non-religious or as an unspecified religion.

Most persons in T&T are between 25 – 54 years old, with more males than females in that category. According to most official sources, the literacy rate is consistently above 95% of the population. T&T has a relatively high life expectancy, both males and females can expect to live beyond the age of seventy.