About Us

The digitization of business is transforming industries and reshaping the competitive landscape. To compete and win, you have to understand how the new dynamics will play out.

LIFEINTRINIDAD Marketing Limited manages the Life In Trinidad platform and is the digital niche marketing subsidiary of Paradox Studios Limited. The vision for the company was birthed in January 2014 as a direct response to the gap created in the market for digital media experts in Trinidad & Tobago. Over the last decade, we have seen a steady migration away from traditional marketing as digital media has introduced new possibilities for advertisers, marketers and media professionals. In the sea of media options competing for attention and time, LIFEINTRINIDAD Marketing Limited is the new secret weapon for companies to create impact and increase revenues. We are the key to building your brand, establishing your presence on digital media and making meaningful connections. Align yourself with the best brand in the business.

With a rapidly growing audience of over 100,000+ followers on multiple social channels, we have made our distinct presence felt in 16 niches namely:

◊ Life In Trinidad – News/Trending
◊ Life In Trinidad – Bridal Essentials
◊ Life In Trinidad – Food
◊ Life In Trinidad – Home & Garden
◊ Life In Trinidad – Health & Fitness
◊ Life In Trinidad – Careers
◊ Life In Trinidad – Technology
◊ Life In Trinidad – Business
◊ Life In Trinidad – Family
◊ Life In Trinidad – Sports
◊ Life In Trinidad – Travel & Tours
◊ Life In Trinidad – Entertainment
◊ Life In Trinidad – Cars
◊ Life In Trinidad – Calendar
◊ Life In Trinidad – Fashion
◊ Life In Trinidad – Foundation

The Rise Of Digital Media…

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