The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Fake vs Real How much is too much to spend on wedding day blooms? If flowers are a big deal to you, then by all means, make them your priority. However, for the bride that’s on a budget, the option of using artificial flowers can be explored. Silk flowers have been a hit over the […]

A Techy Christmas

For tech lovers, Christmas is the opportune time to splurge on the trendiest gadgets without feeling too guilty. The very essence of our lives is fashioned around technology, so much so that it has become an extension of ourselves. A mainstay of the digital revolution, technology has consumers yearning to always have the latest gadgetry, […]

Healthy Options For Christmas Delicacies

Trying to eat healthy this Christmas? We have great suggestions on how to make special holiday treats that are tasty and good for you. At Christmas time, a lot of people feel like they rarely have choices that are as tasty as traditional Christmas delicacies. Traditional holiday dishes like pastelle, ham and chow chow, ponche […]

Unsafe In My Own Skin

In the wake of all the tragedies that are befalling our nation’s women, the safety of women in Trinidad and Tobago has come under immense scrutiny. Outraged citizens and pressure groups are lobbying for the implementation of stricter penalties for the perpetrators of these heinous acts against women. Some citizens are calling for the legalization […]