Confessions Of A Bridesmaid – Friendship & Duty

I have always considered myself an objective romantic – a rare breed if not a non-existent one. Objectivity and romance seem to be mutually exclusive but are they really? Like every woman, I conjure up in my mind those fairy tale images that we are so conditioned to associate with romance: flowers, candle-lit dinners, walks […]

5 Reasons You Should Detox

It’s time to embark on detoxification to increase your overall wellbeing. We are constantly in contact with harmful organisms and pollutants. They are in our water, in our food, in the air we breathe. Not to mention the abuse we tend to heap on our bodies, by subjecting it to unhealthy junk foods and drinks […]

Using Your Powers Of Persuasion In A Job Interview

You’ve spent hours searching for that perfect job.  Hours turned to days, days turned to weeks. You searched through company websites, Facebook and newspaper ads for anything that remotely matches your level of qualification. While scanning the career section in the newspapers, a vacancy grasps your attention. You start to read the details and this […]