Marriage (Dis)approved

A parent’s job is tough. From the moment you know you’re going to become one, your universe shifts. Your child becomes its centre and everything you do is to keep him safe, healthy and happy. You do your best to give your little one every advantage in life. In the process, you lose sleep, give […]

Why Is Sex Education Still Taboo in T&T?

Sex is everywhere; television shows, advertisements, music, games and the internet. These media frequently display sexually explicit content that informally influence our sexual behaviour and choices. Why then is the topic of sex still a taboo subject and not part of family discussions and our schools’ curriculum? We seem to stick our heads in the […]

Telling Our Story

Earlier this month, Trinidad and Tobago lost a well-respected and much-loved man, Angelo Bissessarsingh. For such a young man (he died at age 34), Angelo left quite a legacy – a treasure trove of stories from our islands’ past and, for many, a burning interest in our nation’s history. He, along with other local historians, […]