Is Strict Parenting the Best Way

There is a strong view that strict parenting is the answer to producing disciplined, well-mannered children in our society. But can a parent be too strict? And what should be the approach? Research studies on discipline consistently show that strict child-raising actually produces kids with lower self-esteems who behave worse than kids who grow up […]

Time For T&T To Step Up By Stamping Out Styrofoam

Imagine this. You’re at Chaguaramas Beach. The warmth of the sun is gently caressing your face, the tide is mildly bobbing you up and down, and you’re drifting into a relaxing repose. Little did you know, you’re not alone. Something bumps into your head. Startled, you open your eyes and stand up. As you wipe […]

Eating Ourselves to Death

Non-Communicable Diseases NCDs include cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancers and obesity. Each year our government spend millions of our taxpayers’ dollars to provide costly treatments for those who require them. This puts significant strain on the health budget as resources are being used to treat these diseases, when they can be used towards initiatives that […]

ASMC presents Hosanna at NAPA on Sunday April 9th 2017

From the producers of Classic Fusion and Christmas in November and the Orange House Foundation under the Auspices of the Honourable Camille Robinson-Regis, Member of Parliament for Arouca/Maloney comes Hosanna. With a stellar cast and lots of surprises, this event is poised to be among the best events in Gospel entertainment to hit Trinidad and Tobago […]