TTRW 2019 Serves up Delicious Halal and Vegetarian Options

Jack of choices is the most common complaint coming from the vegetarian and halal community in Trinidad and Tobago. Vegetarians tend to get stereotyped as salad-obsessed and many restaurants lack halal options. Fear not, we’ve listed some delectable varieties that you can enjoy during Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week (TTRW). Steak Caprese (Halal) Char-grilled ribeye […]

Navigating Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week

Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week, the most wonderful time of the year – after Christmas- for the food enthusiasts among us! It’s the time of year when Trinbagonians are invited to feast at the best restaurants in the country, at unbeatable prices. What more can we ask for? If you’re relentless foodies like us at […]

The Seafood Lover’s Guide to Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is upon us, and we know you’re as excited as we are! Here’s a list of must-try seafood dishes and restaurants to find them. Lemon Butter Fish Crispy crusted white fish with panko and paprika spice in a creamy lemon butter sauce served with jasmine rice & house salad. Yummm! We already want […]