Charity Begins At Home

As parents, we all want our children to be responsible, successful, compassionate and understand the importance of caring for those who are in need. How do we create an environment where ‘giving’, is not a chore-like activity? Here is how I intend on doing this. Giving year round At 6 years, my daughter does not […]

Debe Doubles and Indian Delicacies

The famous Debe junction stands five famous doubles stands which have now evolved to well-stocked food stands, some of which have been there for over 80 years. Here, some of the tastiest Doubles, Aloo pies, Saheenas, Baigannes, Kachori and Phoulorie can be found. After you indulge in these savory treats, you will be delighted to […]

3 Things No One Told Me About Being Pregnant

We are supposed to have this well-rounded tummy and glowing skin as we drink sparkling water and vegetables for nine months solely for this beautiful bundle of ours that we’ve never met but already love to the moon and back. Everyone is super-eager to share their amazing advice and opinions on what you should eat, […]

Eating Ourselves to Death

Non-Communicable Diseases NCDs include cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancers and obesity. Each year our government spend millions of our taxpayers’ dollars to provide costly treatments for those who require them. This puts significant strain on the health budget as resources are being used to treat these diseases, when they can be used towards initiatives that […]

Teaching Your Kids To Give Back

We have to teach them that caring about others is good and that it is good to help those in need. To do this may require exposing your young ones to the not so ideal situations or realities of our world: poverty, illness, disasters and any other situation that may result in another individual being […]

Carnival on a Budget

It is just a few weeks away from what has been dubbed the greatest show on earth. The time of year when beautiful people, from all over the world assemble in our twin isle to partake in the revelry; the jamming, the liming the nonstop feteing. Anticipation is brewing in the minds everyone who has […]

Can Volunteerism Strengthen Your Relationship?

There are many helpful suggestions about ways in which individuals in relationships can spend more quality time together. These include and are not limited to: recreating first dates, making new friends, learning new hobbies, working out, cooking and having vacations together. These activities are all aimed at helping couples strengthen their relationships and grow closer […]

Who Should Cook?

The woman was basically responsible for all chores within the household. Cooking is one of those tasks that were done predominantly by the women in the family while the men provided the money to buy whatever was needed. The Shift There has been, significant changes in the structure of society which has impacted family dynamics […]

Why Being Socially Responsible Matters

Once management understands that the success of their business depends greatly on how their organisation is perceived, they will ensure that they engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Businesses are a vital part of every community in which they operate, as they offer both goods and services to the community. Business corporations in the past […]

A Trini Christmas: Ham or Turkey lover?

With Christmas only a couple days away, preparations for the much anticipated season are coming together slow and steady. Houses are being painted, trees hoisted, Christmas lights adorn our porches, gifts bought and wrapped, and the process appears never-ending. One of the most important aspects of the holiday season is the delicious food that we […]