Mrs. Patricia McIntosh – A lady after our own hearts

The question was posed on Facebook by Life in Trinidad, which is the best school in the Port-of-Spain area. Of course the “girls in green, gold, black and white”, my alma mater, St. Francois Girls College is and would always be the best school. Consumed by memories, lost in my nostalgia, I reminisced on my […]

My Colonial Home – A Treasured Monument

Colonial homes were quite popular in Trinidad and Tobago’s first suburbs, which tell of our French architectural heritage and the influence of the French renaissance. Notwithstanding the melting pot of cultures which each left an indelible mark, the French influence is linked to a special place, the place I called home for 18 years. Nestled […]

Parenting In The Digital Age

Single-parent, two-parent or cohabiting families are exploring the endless possibilities of technology as a parenting aid.  Essentially, parents manipulate and use technologies to satisfy their individual parenting needs. Co-parenting Managing your own daily schedule can sometimes be a daunting task, try adding the little people in the mix and oh two separate households. Technology is […]

Mental Illness: A Silent Yet Piercing Cry For Help

For the most part, it is one of those topics that we tend to shy away from. It almost seems as if we do not talk about it, it does not exist. Ironically, nearly every day we see manifestations of mental illness, many of which result in fatalities or serious injuries. These can be voluntary […]

DIY Home Reno: A Financial Hit Or Miss?

Are you a DIY junkie that loves to save money? Then this article is for YOU! At some point, we all have been inspired to take on a DIY project after watching home improvement shows on HGTV, videos on YouTube or pictorial instructions on Pinterest. These resources are increasingly popular among DIY junkies and are […]

Switching Hats: The Female Breadwinner

The Alpha Female Being independent is a distinguishing feature of the alpha female, who also possesses traits of leadership, overachievement and success. The proliferation of independent women has resulted in the rise of the female breadwinner, which is being normalised by the wider society. These boss ladies are taking up the mantle to assume greater […]

A Carnival Dilemma: Taking Sand to the Beach

The Debate: Should you or should you not? Navigating the Carnival scene with your relationship “in tack” is the ultimate relationship goal. This is a contentious issue that is all too real for some couples. The combination of alcohol, Soca and the abundance of singles can be a recipe for disaster for some couples. It […]

Let the Carnival Pump Begin

Trinidad and Tobago is the passport to everything Carnival. Ranked second best in the world, Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival awakens the fêting and revelry spirit of locals and foreigners who are immersed in a non-stop party atmosphere for approximately two months. With just about fifty days to go, the countdown to Carnival 2017 is on! […]

Safety Awareness For Children: Recognizing Stranger Danger

Empowering your child with the tools for safety awareness is a protective and proactive measure that every parent should practice. It is important to create an environment that is conducive for a two-way flow of communication. This involves active listening and engaging your child on a daily basis, which will provide parents with an insight […]

Out with the Old and In with the New

A New Year epitomises new beginnings where the mantra of “out with the old and in with the new” pervades. As the curtain closes on 2016, thoughts of New Year’s resolutions are pacing in the minds of those who keep the tradition alive. It is a time to reflect on the past year while looking […]