With all of the technological changes that continue to happen around us, there are some things that remain the same.

Within the last two decades we have seen a rapid evolution of many technological advancements within the region and the world. From email to Instant Messenger Chat, the electronic beeper, TDMA cellular phones and GSM sim card networks. The birth of social media platforms like Hi5 and Facebook are all turning points in the world of technology where we have witnessed the dawn of the information age. However, with all of these changes that continue to happen around us, there are some things that remain the same. Our need for human interaction and communication continue to inspire the way we connect with each other, but is it doing more harm than good?

After recently having taken a trip abroad I was greatly comforted by the fact that I could take out my smartphone in a wifi zone and video chat my wife on Whatsapp. Knowing that this was nearly impossible only 20 years ago, is a wonder that never ceases to amaze me.

The downside to this however, is while trying to talk about a hard day at work, one finds it more interesting to scroll through a social media blog before retiring to bed with little or any physical interaction other than the occasional “yes” or “no”.

Truthfully technology can in fact threaten the fundamental components of a successful relationship.

Communication is key

Communication is one of, if not the most part of a relationship. Because technology is highly focused on the growing forms of communication this ultimately affects the time couples spend simply talking to one another. Face-to-face chatting with your partner is such a vital part of the relationship experience as it is far more than an exchange of words. Feelings and emotions are invoked in a way that could never truly be replaced by any modern interactive tool.

Is it really that important to be replying to comments while on a date at a fancy restaurant? Or how about trying to upload a selfie to Instagram immediately after having taking it at a water fountain? I am of the humble opinion that instead of breaking the momentum of your time together, some things can wait until later on.

Quality time

Once you’ve learnt to put down that phone, laptop or video game console, you will certainly rediscover the joys of spending time with each other. Capitalise on those weekends or holidays by getting out and doing something that doesn’t require a charger. Spending time together is one of the most vital parts of a strong relationship. One is more inclined to be more imaginative, creative and fun in the activities that we can share when having fun together.

Social Skills

The ability to interact significantly on a social level seems to be dying as well. Carrying on an informed and engaging discussion is, in my opinion, an actual skill. Learning how to enter or exit a conversation, how to make a point and meaningfully contribute to a discussion is all part of interaction. Many of the younger generation, in my opinion, have been denied the opportunity to enjoy sessions such as these making it harder and harder to “break the ice”.

As in all things, maintaining a healthy balance is key to experiencing the joys of technology and the joy of human companionship. It would go a long way if we all stopped for a minute of our day and reflected on how many hours we spend behind the laptop rather than with each other. If we take the time now to spend on nurturing the relationships that matter most, I am certain humanity will see a brighter future in the years ahead.

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