Must Try Indo-Trinbagonian Delicacies


Two small soft fried bread-like loafs called barra stuffed with curried channa and a dash of any sauces with varying degrees of pepper are the cause of lines and lines of eager customers, growing businesses and public debate in Trinidad. Doubles is an Indo-Trinbagonian inspired street food perhaps revered by all Trinbagonians. It is perfect for breakfast or a snack, whilst some have it for lunch and dinner too. The best of its kind is said to “lash” the worst of it, cause for stomach pains. All in all, it is a staple you have to try upon setting foot on Trinbagonian soil.


Split pea dough never tasted so good until one mysterious genius years ago rolled int little balls, deep fried it and dipped it into Tamarind Sauce. Brought to Trinidad by the indentured labourer’s years ago, this street food, usually enjoyed as a snack in between meals, is a mouth-watering delight that makes you beg for more.



A meal that steps away from the vegan snacks offered above and introduces the option of curried meats of various kinds is a crowd favourite in Trinidad and Tobago, especially during Indo-Trinbagonian festivities such as Indian Arrival Day, Divali, and Eid for example. It’s a satisfying dish that invites you to get your hands dirty as you grab the curried potatoes and channa carefully wrapped in ‘buss-up-shot’ or ‘dhalpourie’.


Not as easily crafted as the rest, this thin finger-like sugary snack is another tasty dish with Indo Trinbagonian influences. Available throughout the year by the packs, kurma is essentially a divali treat with a distinct taste that everyone can enjoy only in Trinidad and Tobago.


Not as popular as the rest but definitely a crowd favourite. Another Diavli treat that tempts many to convert to Hinduism at that time of year is the sweet milk-based confectionary treat, Barfi. If you’re a fan of milk and sugar with sprinkles on top, trust us you will love barfi.


Curry Stew

The ultimate mishmash of Afro and Indo culture presented to you in your favourite form; food. Curry Stew pops up any time of the year with most any Sunday dish in Trinidad and Tobago, a perfect mixture of stewed chicken and curried chicken, two of the things Trinbagonians love the most.

Aloo Pie

Pie meaning a fried bake, aloo meaning stuffed with curried potato, channa, sauces and whatever else the street vendor has to offer is the Aloo Pie. This delectably warm street snack can satisfy the stomach for breakfast or whenever your next meal is.


If you love dasheen, you’ll love the Indian inspired deep fried version of the plant. Stuffed with split peas powder and bathed with various seasonings, Saheena makes the perfect finger food that will definitely be the first to disappear at any event.



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