Single-parent, two-parent or cohabiting families are exploring the endless possibilities of technology as a parenting aid.  Essentially, parents manipulate and use technologies to satisfy their individual parenting needs.


Managing your own daily schedule can sometimes be a daunting task, try adding the little people in the mix and oh two separate households. Technology is becoming a staple for co-parents who use it to maneuver the dynamic environment that is co-parenting. Calendar apps like Google Calendar, Cozi and Family Wizard make co-parenting a bit more manageable by keeping track of important dates, appointments and individual schedules.


The digital landscape is changing how education is delivered by facilitating e-services and interactive learning. The Internet is a great resource used by parents for teaching and researching. Tech devices and Internet technology have also transformed parent-teacher communication. Parents can keep abreast and become more involved in their child’s school life through apps like Class Dojo, Parent Square or Bloomz or even school websites.


Having an independent child is probably every parent’s dream.  Tech devices such as the ‘Octopus’ smart watch is an enjoyable way parents can teach their children time management skills. Parents, therefore utilize a medium that their child can relate to, which is child friendly to shape them into more independent and responsible individuals.


Knowing your child’s whereabouts is always a concern for parents. It is almost impossible to know where your child is every second of the day. However, with the advent of technology such as GPS, phone tracking and Internet monitoring, parents can get an ease of mind. Other apps like Life360 and 2houses are useful to keep tabs on your child/ children.


Like tracking, being connected to your child is important. Cellphones and apps like Skype and video conferencing fill that gap when there is need to stay connected. This is a great alternative when parents and children are not physically together.

As with anything in life, technology should be used in moderation and should be controlled by the parent. This is in light of arguments levied against the use of technology, which some claim is not helpful and can hamper a child’s development.  Furthermore, parents should not relinquish their responsibility allowing technology to become the parent.

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