Take the ultimate vacation adventure in Trinidad & Tobago with your little ones.  Life in Trinidad and Tobago presents the ultimate guide to 10 kid-friendly activities that will make your family vacation unforgettable.

Botanical Gardens Picnic (FREE)

Enjoy a day of outdoor bliss at the Botanical Gardens. Pack a picnic, stroll through lush landscapes, and make lasting memories. Entrance: Free.

Emperor Valley Zoo Visit

Dive into the wild at Emperor Valley Zoo and let your kids marvel at the exotic animals.

Nature Tour – Hadco Experiences

Immerse your family in the wonders of nature with Hadco Experiences. Check [website] for special tour packages.

Down The Islands Tour

Set sail on a family-friendly adventure Down The Islands. Discover hidden gems and pristine beaches. Tour prices vary.
Island Experiences Tour- https://www.facebook.com/islandexperiencestt
Down De Island Tours https://www.facebook.com/DownDIslandTours
Ocean Safari- https://www.facebook.com/oceansafari.ddi

Caroni Swamp Tour – Nanan’s Tours

Encounter the beauty of nature on a Caroni Swamp Tour with Nanan’s Tours.
Check [website] for special tour packages.

Being with Horses – Horseback Riding – Tobago

Create magical moments with horseback riding in Tobago. Check [website] for special tour packages.

Ziplining Adventures – Zip It

Soar through the treetops with Zip It Ziplining Adventures. Unleash the thrill. Check [website] for special tour packages.

The Arboretum – Spring Fed Pool and Picnic Area – Tucker Valley

Beat the heat at The Arboretum’s spring-fed pool.

Harry’s Waterpark

Dive into aquatic fun at Harry’s Waterpark.

5 Island Water & Amusement Park

Slide into excitement at 5 Island Waterpark. Slide | Swim | Splash
Race | Surf | Shoot Come Live the Adventure.

Ready for a family adventure like no other? Explore Trinidad & Tobago’s top kid-friendly activities for an unforgettable vacation.