I had the honour of sitting with Trinidad and Tobago national cricketer Keagan Simmons for an exclusive interview.

Keagan Simmons currently plays for the Trinidad & Tobago Under 19 cricket team. He is a left-hand batsman and cricket is not just a game for him….it is his passion. Simmons gladly revealed some interesting facts about himself that are not commonly known.

This interview took place on November 14, 2016 at his home.

1) Q: Your greatest joy?
A: Being able to live through each day knowing that Jesus Christ is my Lord and saviour.

2) Q: Your secret fear?
A: Spiders.

3) Q: The best advice you received?
A: Don’t put pressure on myself. When I don’t…I bat beautifully.

4) Q: Your most embarrassing moment?
A: Can’t recall.

5) Q: Your happiest moment?
A: Making 96 runs against Jamaica when our team was struggling to reach a target of 163. This resulted in us winning the regional under 15 tournament.

6) Q: Your biggest turn off?
A: Deceitfulness.

7) Q: The biggest turn on in a woman?
A: Effort.

8) Q: The part of your body you like the most?
A: Ears because I can move them.

9) Q: The body part you would like to change if given a chance?
A: None.

10) Q: The best book you ever read?
A: Relentless – by Tim Grover.

11) Q: If given a chance, what would be your dream profession?
A: Professional Cricketer.

12) Q: The thing people don’t know about you?
A: I have brilliant singing abilities.

13) A: Your pet peeve?
Q: People not helping others reach their full potential or realizing what they can be.

14) Q: Your favourite food
A: Dumpling and smoke herring.

15) Q: The man you most admire apart from your father?
A: Kumar Sangakkara

16) Q: Your secret personality weapon?
A: My ability to stay calm in the face of confusion.

17) Q: Your personal credo?
A: To live with integrity and help others to help themselves.

18) Q: Your irresistible temptation?
A: Ice cream.

19) Q: The one place you would like to visit before you die?
A: South Africa.

20) Q: Your most elusive goals?
A: Regional century

21) Q: In three words, your recipe for a successful athlete?
A: Assess, Decide and Execute

22) Q: After a hard game, what do you do to relax?
A: A number of different things. Reading, talking with friends/teammates & listening to music.

23) Q: You favourite music?
A: R&B/Soul

24) Q: The athlete you admire more.
A: Kumar Sangakkara. He is a master of his craft. His record is untarnished with regards to discipline over years of international cricket and he is highly intelligent. He also seeks to make a name away from cricket where he is a legend. He has represented and stood for Sri Lankan cricket, helped the country grow and inspired many cricketers around the world, young and old alike.

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