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Grab your best pair of hiking shoes, pack your supplies and let’s explore some must-see spots in sweet T&T!

If quarantine life has taught us anything, it’s that there is so much more to our beloved twin islands than our malls, restaurants and bars. Last year social media got taken over by nature walk pictures at the Bamboo Cathedral in Tucker Valley, Lady Chancellor or Mount Tabor, which got a lot of us wondering where else can we explore. So if you’ve already started planning your next adventure as the economy slowly begins to open, be sure to check out these 5 hikes.

Mr. Emile Serrette, founder and certified tour operator of Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago Ltd designed his company to educate and bring awareness to the beauty and historical aspects of our country from nature’s point of view. Their activities are primarily hiking, camping, trekking and combing exclusively the rural parts of our twin island Republic, bringing to your attention the places our ancestors once lived, traversed and worked.

Here are some of his top picks!

Paria Falls
(Photo Credit: Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago) Paria Falls

Paria Bay & Waterfall

Intensity: Moderate – Challenging

Distance: 5.75 miles (one way)

Time: 2.5 hours (one way)

Why go: Paria is a favorite destination for locals and it is not without reason, this extraordinary destination has something for everyone as the trail deviates from coastal views to forestry. The mesmerizing seascape of this beach is only accessible via hiking, and it’s the perfect spot to re-energize and appreciate the cool sea breeze. This hike allows you to enjoy nature’s foliage, the beach, and just a little further, about 0.5 miles, to Paria’s irresistible waterfall.

Mystique Pool
(Photo Credit: Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago) Mystique Pool

Mystique Pool

Intensity: Moderate (long way); Easy (short way)

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes (long way); 25 minutes (short way)

Distance: 2 miles (long way); 0.75 miles (short way)

Why go: Wander through gentle greenery to one of the most picturesque rivers in Trinidad. This hike is perfect for a family adventure or even a date, for nature lovers or maybe just lovers. Either way bask in Mother Nature’s ambiance as you soak in the water of this untouched natural pool.

El Tucuche
(Photo Credit: Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago) El Tucuche

(El Tucuche)

El Tucuche Mountain

Intensity: Challenging

Distance: 5.5 miles (circuit hike)

Time: 5 hours (one way)

Why go: To claim bragging rights that you’ve been to the second tallest peak of T&T’s Northern Range. Prepare yourself for the views from the top, granted clear skies, because you’re taking a trek up to the clouds, as the mountain stands at 936m (3071 ft). Up here you’ll have the captivating view of Las Cuevas beach and all of Southern Trinidad, but keep in mind this hike is all about fitness!

Palatuvier Falls
(Photo Credit: Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago) Palatuvier Falls

Parlatuvier Waterfalls

Intensity: Moderate

Distance: 1 mile (one way)

Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Why go: Parlatuvier is one of Tobago’s hidden gems. Although it is highly known for its golden sand beach, just a short amble through lush greenery, with the sun’s light peeking through you meet its striking, lesser known waterfall. It may not be a towering waterfall but a swim in the clear waters will surely be worth your while.

Pearls of Morne La Croix
(Photo Credit: Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago) Pearls of Morne La Croix

Pearls of Morne La Croix

Intensity: Moderately – Challenging

Distance: 4.5 miles

Time: 4 hours

Why go: A blended trek of trails and rivers to explore. The beauty of this hike is the fact that it isn’t popular, experience the hide away of a little known river pool and a very secluded waterfall.

According to Mr. Serrette, “hiking entails enjoying nature and her offerings. Hiking should never be compared with hashing, running or even pace walking trying to get from one place to another in record time. Hiking is all about respecting nature and primarily “De-stressing” yourself from the day-to-day activities and immerse yourself with God’s creation.”

Our twin-island Republic has so many natural treasures tucked away for our enjoyment, therefore it is our responsibility to ensure they are well preserved.

Nature Trekking’s founder also enlightened us on some of the Do’s and Don’ts of hiking.


Always give hikers coming uphill the right of way.

Be courteous to all passing hikers.

Keep the forest clean. Keep your trash in your backpack.

Render assistance once needed on any trail.

Always keep pace with fellow hikers even if you are fitter.

Always comply with instructions given by your hike leader.

Ensure you hike with proper attire, especially shoes.

You start your hike together and finish your hike together.


Don’t start any long hikes with brand new gears.

Don’t mess with wildlife whatsoever.

Don’t hike alone, especially on trails you are not familiar with.

Don’t over-pack your backpack with things you don’t need.

Don’t venture on any trail that you think is too much for you.

Don’t bring your pet dog on any given group hike.

Don’t play music in the forest. Respect wildlife, please.

Be sure to check out Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago website for more hiking trails and upcoming events. Book your adventure today!



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