5 Things To Do To Find Investors For Your Startup

There’s more than enough resources available to you if you are connected to the right investors and trust me, there are a good number of them out there who are more than willing to bail you out if you have the right stuff and you’re ready to pay the price.

Just how do you Find the Perfect Investors for Your Startup Company?

  1. Create a Strategic List of Investors You’d Like to Meet

This is where it all begins. What investors are interested in your line of business and which of them do you think it’s beneficial to meet? Compile a list of 30-50 of them at the initial stage. Building an AngelList profile could be of advantage to you because here you find thousands of relevant investors.

  1. Find the Best way to Introduce Yourself

Now that you have a list of likely interested investors, Forbes suggest you thoughtfully craft your own introduction. This is your own voice; what singles you out from the dozens of pitches most venture capitalists and angel investors receive every day.

  1. Build a Compelling LinkedIn or AngelList Profile

LinkedIn, AngelList and other professional social networking sites grant you quick access to all types of investors across industry specializations and business segments. Meeting them can come easier than imagined via these sites.

  1. Actually Meet Those Investors and Make Your Request

It’s not enough to build a list of eligible investors, you need to meet them and discuss your needs. There’s a huge difference in admitting that you need help and asking for it. The difference lies in taking action.

  1. Make it hard for investors to turn you down

It’s not always the charisma that counts (even though it works well), it’s more of the connection. Structure your business and defend your ideas in a way that will attract the attention of the right investors and make them reach out to you.



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