5 Ways To Motivate Employees During The Holiday Season

As the year winds down there is no shortage of surrounding distractions. Christmas songs arrive as early as late October and the general air is one of festiveness and anticipation. How do you reign in a workforce that regularly needs to be reminded that even though the Christmas holiday is approaching they still have to do work? Here are some things you can do as a business owner or manager to succeed with this task.

Make the office environment enjoyable

motivated employees

This does not mean that it should be fun and games 24/7. Just a few strings of lights, a wreath, some bows, and perhaps the muted strains of Parang can lighten up the atmosphere. Some businesses, like banks, go all out and put up brilliantly adorned Christmas trees all around. If this seems too much or too costly, don’t worry. Your office occupants will appreciate most attempts to create the mood. They might even be more willing to come to work every day if they have a pleasant, festive environment to look forward to. If you’re worried that these measures might prove to be more distracting than motivating, then…

Remind your workers of their professional goals

Motivated employees

A brief, informal, and maybe even *impromptu* team meeting every day just to reiterate the business’ objectives might not be a bad idea. List the company’s targets and direct reminders to individuals or groups about any particular projects that need to be completed in order to meet those targets. Make it clear that the business cannot succeed without their input. As mentioned, keep the meetings short and sweet. Employees are less likely to be annoyed by these daily gatherings if you…

Praise your employees

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During the meetings take the time to publicly praise your employees for their hard work (if merited, of course). Let them know that the time and effort they have put in has been greatly appreciated and not gone unnoticed. Tactfully single out individuals if you have to but do not go overboard by gushing over their contributions. Just let everyone know how this person has helped the company, succinctly and with measured appreciation. This might make others more motivated to become the ones singled out. Encourage them to continue their hard work and, if conceivable…

Reward your employees

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As often as possible ensure that the effort put in is commensurate with compensation, and not necessarily monetary compensation. During the Christmas season most folks have demands on their time that conflict with a working schedule. Whenever convenient, and if the worker has earned it, you could allow for sanctioned time off. Not for days at a time per se. But being flexible if a parent wants to attend their child’s school show, or if one of your employees needs some time to run important errands would not be such a detrimental blow to the operation. Being lenient for minor things could endear your employees to their jobs and to the organisation.

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Plan a final company celebration for the year

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This could fall under reward your employees, but it is a motivator on its own. After working all year, an end of year dinner or party would be an exciting event to look forward to for the whole company. It might be that the event will not be held unless certain deadlines or objectives have been met. This would also serve to make employees work harder during the season, as now they have a foreseeable culmination to the working year. A grand banquet is not necessary if your business is small. Whatever you are able to do for your employees, they should be gracious enough to appreciate it.



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