6 Common Birds Found In Trinidad & Tobago


Blue-gray Tanager

The Blue-gray Tanager, otherwise known as the ‘Bluejean’ is a most common species of birds found roaming in gardens around Trinidad and Tobago. They originate mostly in Mexico and North Brazil and is mostly known for it’s vibrant high pitch calls and bright blue feathers.

Blue-Crowned Motmot

The first distinctive feature of this beautiful creature is its unique arrow-like feathers. The vibrant colours of this bird are very reminiscent of the blue and gold macaw, but with subtle differences in size and features, this tropical bird is truly one of a kind.

Great Kiskadee

The great kiskadee is a passerine bird, meaning it is any bird of the order of Passeriformes, which includes more than half of all bird species. They’re boisterous in both attitude and color: a black bandit’s mask, a yellow belly, and flashes of warm reddish-brown when they fly. Their jovial ‘kiskadee’ type bird calls is rumoured to have biven birth to its name.

The Humming Bird

Like no other bird on earth, with it’s unique metallic design and rapid wing speed, the humming bird knows how to steal the show. As one of our national birds the Humming Bird can be seen, rarely at times hovering from tree to tree, stealing nectar from early morning blossoms at the sun’s first light.

Yellow Oriole

The Yellow Oriole derives its common name from the  large extent of yellow in its plumage relative to all other orioles, with its black restricted to the tail, a narrow yellow bib, and the wings.

Mourning Dove

The mourning dove, or “ruddy ground dove” is a most common bird found foraging in various places on the island. Males normally sport a bright reddish brown colour whilst the smaller females are duller in colour. These birds are quite gentle and unfortunately fall prey to cats, hawks and other predators.



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