Dear Young Trinbagonian Girl…

Dear Young Trinbagonian Girl, You can be anything you want. Historically, women like Audrey Jeffers and Beatrice Grieg, amongst many other remarkable women, fought to be able to work as your teacher, doctor, police officer and even your mail-woman, to name a few. They fought to make sure that they had a seat at the […]

[VIDEO] International Soca Monarch 2018 winning performances

One of the major events that takes place during Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival season is the International Soca Monarch, which culminates with its final on what locals call Fantastic Friday. It is the much-anticipated Friday before Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Patrons bravely enter, knowing that endurance will lead to enjoyment. The International Soca Monarch competition […]

[VIDEO] BpTT Renegades takes home 10th Panomara title

Trinidad and Tobago is proud of its national instrument, the steelpan. Every year, thousands turn out to enjoy the electric atmosphere at the National Panorama Championships; where the finalists of large and medium bands compete for the winning title. Many foreigners come to Trinidad and Tobago just for this event, joining the locals in dancing […]

3 Tips to Win the Lenten Diet this Season

Carnival 2019 is officially over. Tourists are nursing sun burns and dancehall has returned in full force to our airwaves. Next stop – Lent. Every year, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, Catholics and some non-Catholics use lent to give up something dear to them, their vice; an act of sacrificial retribution. Meat is the […]

Signs the Doubles Lashing (a.k.a. Tastes Amazing)

When it comes to the vast array of street food found in Trinidad and Tobago, many will attest to doubles being the main squeeze. Bae, as the young people tend to say. Here are a couple signs, submitted by locals, to help you choose a doubles vendor. “When you’re not sure the person is eating […]

11 Soca 2018 Hits To Add to your Gym Playlist

To help you get pumped for the season and shed those extra Christmas pounds, we’ve listed eleven Soca 2018 hits of varying paces to add to your playlist. Sokah – Nailah Blackman Musical families are plentiful in Trinidad and Tobago. At the top of that list is the Blackman family, with Ras Shorty-I (Garfield Blackman) […]

5 Tips to Beat the Heat

Despite the abundance of ‘wet gyal’ and ‘wet man’ out there, The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (MET Office) issued a heat spell alert for this country. According to the MET Office, for the remainder of this week, Trinidad and Tobago is expected to experience “excessively” hot conditions. “These high temperatures can be hazardous to […]

5 Best Tech Gadgets to Have When You Travel

Most frequent travellers know, unless it can’t be avoided, it’s better to travel light. The upsides are endless: avoiding the lines at check-in, minimal baggage charges and manoeuvring large busy airports quickly. Still, as lightly as you pack, some gadgets are downright essential to improving your travel experience. Nowadays, some gadgets are becoming so important […]

Are you a Trini or ‘Bago Traveller?

Considered the gateway to the Americas and the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is one destination with two uniquely amazing experiences. Trinidad and Tobago is a lot like my sister and I, anything but identical and proud of what makes them unique. Don’t be fooled. Although this is an island nation, it takes more than one […]

Time For T&T To Step Up By Stamping Out Styrofoam

Imagine this. You’re at Chaguaramas Beach. The warmth of the sun is gently caressing your face, the tide is mildly bobbing you up and down, and you’re drifting into a relaxing repose. Little did you know, you’re not alone. Something bumps into your head. Startled, you open your eyes and stand up. As you wipe […]