What Is The Real Number?

“What is the real number?” How many families have had loved ones ripped away from them? How many mothers have we seen weeping for their young sons on the 7 o’clock news? At a news conference last Thursday, UNC Senator Wayne Sturge placed the murder rate in Trinidad and Tobago at 438. This figure is […]

Unite Against Racism – A Campaign To Unite Our People

Most of us have watched in horror at the recent spate of killings of black men by police in the United States on social media. Regardless of our backgrounds or persuasions, we acknowledge that something is fundamentally wrong in America and that racism is a serious problem. We ask ourselves why? Why after all this […]

Imbert apologises for ‘riot’ comment

In the wake of Donald Trump’s win in the US election, it is nice to know that I still live in a country where a leader can humble himself before the people. Having come under fire for comments made at last week’s IMF conference, Finance Minister Colm Imbert, has issued an apology to the public. […]

Donald Trump Wins US Election 2016

Donald Trump Wins US Election 2016. Are you as shocked as I am? It is hard to be objective when your personal feelings about a matter are so overpowering. This election has taken many by surprise, mainly because it seemed like Donald Trump was the more unpopular candidate during the campaigning. Or was he? In […]

Fort George, Trinidad – Impregnable and Untouched

A trip to Fort George will not be a waste of your time. It is a destination steeped in rich history and offers one of the most breathtaking views of Port of Spain and the sea beyond. Formerly called La Vigie, the fort is situated on the northern hills of St. James, which overlooks the […]

La Joya Announces Christmas Village & Poolside Parang 2016

This year make sure November 26th is marked on your calendar and bring the entire family to enjoy a day of fun, food, and Parang. La Joya’s Christmas Village and Poolside Parang promises to be the biggest and best one yet! The Christmas Village represents a unique opportunity for vendors and budding entrepreneurs to showcase […]

What I Learnt About Trinis On A Trip To Gasparee Caves

I left home early to beat the traffic. At 7:30 am sharp, I was pulling out of my driveway. I, along with some other Trinis, were accompanying a group of six Germans on a guided tour of the magnificent Gasparee Caves. I have lived in Trinidad all my life but had never seen them before […]

5 Things Trinis Should Be Proud Of

1. One of the HOTTEST peppers in the world – Moruga Scorpion Pepper Move over ghost pepper, there’s a new winner in town. The Moruga Scorpion pepper, grown right here in Trinidad and Tobago, has been recently named one of the hottest peppers in the world. This is not just island hearsay. In fact, the […]

5 Things Trinis Love

1. No Lines There is no way to describe the euphoria a Trini feels when he walks into an establishment (like KFC or the bank) and finds that there are no lines. Unless you know what it’s like to always be met with slow moving lines that turn the simplest of tasks into an ordeal […]

Sasha Gates – As ‘Real’ As It Gets

The was born to Trinidadian parents Bernadette Philbert and Keith Dindayal in Toronto, Canada. While she was not born in Trinidad, her Trini roots go deep. So much so, her friends threw her a Carnival-themed baby shower to celebrate her first child. That year, she was unable to make it to Trinidad for the carnival […]