Why You Should Work for Less (And Do What You Love)

Nowadays, millennials use the expression “YOLO” quite a lot. It means ‘you only live once’. Most times, it is used to justify the spontaneous (and often stupid) acts that follow. They are correct, though. Every day, millions of people go to jobs they don’t like, convincing themselves that financial stability and a steady income are […]

Uber Comes To Our Banana Republic

While we are desperate for change and for things to improve, the need for change means nothing if we lack the will to change. I often wonder what we look like to other countries. Are we secretly the laughing stock of other nations who seem to have it together? I have decided that being a […]

Travel: A Relationship Test Worth Exploring

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” — Mark Twain In Trinidad and Tobago, it is often said, “See me and come live with me are two different things.” This has been proven time and again but […]

How To Be The Best Friend His Girlfriend Actually Likes

At our Life in Trinidad (LIT) office, I asked the question, “Is it okay if your boyfriend’s best friend is a female?” Like all things related to relationships, this is a dicey topic and so the office exploded into an uproar. Half the ladies said (in not so many words,) “Hell no!” The other half, […]

OWTU Presses for Petrotrin Strike: Why Now?

What we know… It’s 2017, and we’ve started the new year with a bang; a rough start by all accounts. Now trending in matters that concern our citizens is the outstanding wage negotiations between the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) on behalf of Petrotrin employees and the State. OWTU boss Ancil Roget threatens strike action […]

A Nation In Pain: The Tragedy Of Shannon Banfield

Ms Banfield’s death has forced us to come face to face with the reality of what it’s like living in Trinidad and Tobago today. Your life can be snuffed out, senselessly taken away at any time. A few days ago, RBL employee, 20-year-old Shannon Banfield was reported missing. The news of the discovery of her […]

How To Stay Abreast In A Tech-Driven World

In the rapidly evolving age of technology, it may seem quite impossible to keep up with new products on the market and tech trends. Techies are always ahead of the crowd, seamlessly integrating the latest tech gadgets into their daily lives with a depth of understanding that is astounding.  On the other side of the […]

116 Countries Trinbagonians Can Visit Without A Visa

Every year more and more Trinbagonians are travelling. Some seasoned travellers have acquired a taste for far and exotic destinations, many of which require a visa. There are however, many countries that Trinbagonians can visit without a visa. Here is a list of 116 beautiful visa-free countries. 25 Caribbean Destinations Some of the world’s most […]

The Steelpan – From Our Small Island To The Middle East

Have we dropped the ball in promoting the steelpan on a global scale? Do you think it is appreciated more by other countries? What we know… Caribbean Vybez International is an entertainment company based in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).  For more than 7 years, they have been a pioneer in promoting Caribbean culture in […]

Make Your Company Christmas Dinner A Success: 5 Tips

Your boss thought you were the best person to oversee the planning because of your year-round reputation as the ‘life of the party’. You’ve bravely accepted the challenge but your limited budget is an immediate buzz kill. It is important to remember this event is about people; if they have a good time then it’s […]