Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

It is a once in a lifetime day, hence you should do all within your power to ensure it is remarkably awesome! Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be such a headache but at the same time, such a pleasure.

So, about the dress, a lot of factors come into play.

First and foremost, decide in exact terms what you want.

  • How much do you have? It is very advisable you discuss this with your family and husband-to-be.
  • Are you renting or buying? If you are buying, would it be custom-made or off-the-shelf? And then you also need to consider the after-life of the dress. Do you intend to revamp it into an evening dress or are you going to keep it away after your wedding for memory and maybe your daughter’s wedding? If it is the latter, then be careful to go for something more trans-generational than what is currently in vogue.
  • What silhouette would you be going for? Or which dress shape best suits your body type?
  • What are the setting, location and theme of the wedding? Is it a beach wedding or a cathedral wedding? This would influence details such as length of gown, sometimes sleeves and head gear or veil.

Once you have decided on these basic things, it helps you narrow down your options a great deal. Once you are able to carefully decide on the ‘what’ of the gown, the ‘how’ becomes a lot easier.

I’ll share a list of tips that would guide you in getting the perfect wedding dress!

  • Start early. Rush work is very unhealthy especially when it comes to planning your wedding. Also factor in time for fitting and adjustments.
  • Forget the numbers. When it comes to your wedding dress, don’t say because I normally wear a size 10, then my wedding dress must be a size 10. Sometimes, a size 12 wedding dress might fit better. So it’s fit over size, and comfort over it all. You should feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in your dress today, even before the wedding day. Do not assume time would change so much.
  • When taking measurements, always use your current adjustments. I know, you hope to lose weight before your wedding and I acknowledge that you are probably working towards it. But it is safer to use your current measurements than assume. It is often easier to size down that to size up. You don’t want to spend your special day pulling at and adjusting your dress.
  • When going for your appointments, do your best to be realistic and true. It is YOUR wedding dress. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. I also advise that you take your writing pad along with you, so that you do not get overwhelmed with too many details from different dresses and stores.
  • Beware of your entourage. People have different preferences. Going with so many people may lead you to picking a dress that doesn’t exactly fit simply because you are trying to please everyone.
  • Do adequate research, choose your team carefully. From your consultant to the wedding planner to the seamstress or store owner.
  • Be open-minded. I know you may have a dream dress, but that dress may not fit you as another would and it may be well over your budget, so be realistic and keep an open mind.
  • When you have finally decided on the dress and you are fitting, do a thorough check. Lift your arms, sit, stand, dance, jump, spin and do practically everything you’d love to do that day, just to be sure that your dress isn’t going to give way when you start to dance. Check for hanging threads, do the straps stay put? Is the bust area firm enough? Does the dress allow you walk properly? Do all of these checks and make sure you are comfortable with what you see.
  • Finally, it is YOUR wedding and YOUR wedding dress. It is absolutely okay to be totally awesome!

I hope this helps you greatly. I wish you an exciting, fabulous wedding and a happy-ever-after marriage!



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