Getting Your License In Trinidad & Tobago

It really does not matter whether you are 16 or 40 years old, the process for getting your license in Trinidad is pretty much the same. The later you wait to get it however, can become nightmarish when it comes to car insurance. So the best move is to start the process early.

There are two parts of the process to getting your license. The first part is the Regulations Exam which you do soon after registering for your Learner’s Permit; that accompanies a regulation booklet you should receive during the process. Of course, most Trinidadians would say, “That easy! You don’t need to study that.” However, the fact remains that there is still an exam and you can actually fail. Our advice to you is to go through the material, so that you know what to expect. In other words, you should aim to do this exam only once in your life.

The next step is performing the actual driving test. This involves two things – A Yard Test, and a Road Test (a Hill Test may be required depending on Manual or Automatic preference). This is also an exam that is severely overlooked. Be sure to get all the necessary practice you need for your exam, so that you can handle it with ease on exam day. Do not let your nerves get the better of you, be prepared.

Lastly, don’t get your license simply because you want to drive a car. Use the experience to learn the proper rules of engagement when driving on our nation’s roads.



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