TTRW 2019 Serves up Delicious Halal and Vegetarian Options

Jack of choices is the most common complaint coming from the vegetarian and halal community in Trinidad and Tobago. Vegetarians tend to get stereotyped as salad-obsessed and many restaurants lack halal options. Fear not, we’ve listed some delectable varieties that you can enjoy during Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week (TTRW).

Steak Caprese (Halal)

Char-grilled ribeye topped with mozzarella cheese bechamel oven-roasted tomato, pesto and balsamic reduction. Enjoy those succulent, tasty flavours you’re craving, it’s perfect for the entire family.

Cream of Squash Soup (Vegetarian)

This deeply flavoured, creamy squash soup with sweet caramelised onions and croutons makes a delicious start to your evening meal.

Spicy Chicken Florentine (Halal)

Chicken breast cooked in a creamy spinach sauce with parmesan cheese served with a mash & side salad. This zesty meal is perfect for a busy week.

TTRW 2019

Fire Grilled Tofu (Vegetarian)

Char-grilled tofu served with oven roasted vegetables and eggplant tapenade served with Jasmine rice & house salad. Tofu is an amazing meat-replacement and guess what, it’s low in calories and carbs.

Visit J. Malone’s online to view more of its TTRW 2019 menu and to book your reservation. 

Sweet Thai Garlic Chicken (Halal)

Chicken breast sautéed in our Chef’s special sweet Thai Garlic ginger sauce served with jasmine rice and vegetables. This one will transport you to the other side of the world and thrill your tastebuds.

Créme of Pumpkin Soup (Vegetarian)

This creamy pumpkin soup is bursting with flavours, and is just the right appetizer to start your night right.

TTRW 2019

Steak with Onion & Mushroom Sauce (Halal)

Grilled 6 0z Ribeye topped with Chef’s special onion and mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes and topped with baby spinach. Perfect for any meat lover.

Garden Pasta (Vegetarian)

A succulent combination of roasted tomato, ménage, onion, mushroom and bell peppers tossed in fettuccini pasta topped with mozzarella cheese and gratin. Wholesome, delicious, healthy. What more can we possibly ask for?

Visit Trader Jack’s online to view more of the delicious options available to you and to make your reservation.

TTRW 2019

Soup of the Day (Vegetarian)

Bistro Di Rustica is a trendy Italian restaurant offering a wide array of classic Italian dishes alongside an all-day breakfast menu. Located in east Trinidad, they are offering you a hearty soup of herb forcaccia with olive oil and balsamic viniagrette. Those words just resonate with fine dining brilliance.

Caprese Salad (Vegetarian)

Tomatoes, whole mozzarella, basil, pesto, in a balsamic reduction. All I have to say is…you had me at mozzarella.

Bistro Di Rustica is located in Upper Level, Trincity Mall.

Enjoy the lunch and dinner of your dreams. We don’t want you to miss out on this money-saving, mouth-watering, and healthy opportunity. Take the crew, family, or significant other and head on over, we know you’ll have a great time.



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