Time To Leave Traditional Security Methods In The Past

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Let’s face it, security is a number one priority in the times we are living it. Whether it’s your home or your business place, you need to invest in your peace of mind by purchasing a security system that pays off. Traditional security has its place in the past. It’s time to let go of these safety methods and embrace quality hi-tech security solutions provided by Essentia.

Traditional Methods

Burglar proofing

Burglar proofing is popular throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean at large. It is used to secure a point of entry, such as a door or window. The time and effort required to cut through the bars might deter a prospective intruder. However, consider that as successful as metal bars may be in keeping people OUT, they are also tragically successful at keeping people IN. Stories of homeowners trapped in fires behind burglar proofing are sadly common. Such was the heartbreaking fate of a woman in St. Helena.

Essentia will monitor your property 24/7 with unobtrusive technology that detects and alerts you about every attempt to breach an entry point. Thus, the chances of being trapped in your home during an emergency will be drastically lessened.

Basic Security Camera Set-Ups

Security cameras are great tools for monitoring your homes and businesses. But, there is a major drawback that you may not have foreseen. Most security cameras operate by storing all the recorded data (read: incriminating evidence) on the DVR hard drive. This physical piece of equipment can be rendered completely pointless when the knowledgeable criminal simply takes it with him as he leaves the scene.

Luckily, Essentia is the only authorized provider of the MaxPro Cloud storage system in Trinidad and Tobago. So, all the valuable footage goes directly to the cloud, out of reach from devious hands and easily accessible to you and for law enforcement officials.


Padlocks are a cheap and relatively easy way to secure an entryway or even a safe. The problem lies with the determination of the robber. How to disable a padlock is Burglary 101 for most thieves and there are many ways it can be done. By picking the lock or just by breaking the padlock itself with a hammer or some other tool.

Essentia offers built-in locks that do not provide an opportunity to breach for bandits. These locks can even be operated remotely.

Traditional Methods


Your cute, furry friends are probably the best at keeping bad guys away from you. They love you unconditionally and would never let anything bad happen to you. Ever. But, as depressing as it may be to contemplate, your doggies are not invincible. They can be distracted, subdued, injured, or even murdered by some evil being intent on entering your premises. Keep your guard pets as safe as you are able to, but be mindful of what could happen.

Your dogs and other household pets can be monitored and secured through Essentia’s monitoring systems. Thus, they too will be protected rather than being relied upon for guard duty.

Traditional Methods


Having an alarm system is an excellent way to secure your premises, especially when you are not physically at the location. However, an alarm is simply the first step in a process, which is to signal that something is happening without necessarily detecting whether the occurrence is harmful or benign. For example, your alarm might be triggered by a cat jumping on your roof. This sets off a chain of reactions, and if the initial trigger was indeed something trivial, then everyone’s time just got wasted.

Remote monitoring systems, like what Essentia offers, can detect the source of the disturbance and determine whether or not immediate responses should be taken, resulting in less time wasting and more peace of mind.



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